The Siege of Korax

  • (Out of story: hi, i wanted to start a team story but i dont know much about making team stories...for more info on Korax City, click on this link: (url="http://"")http://www.AmbrosiaS...TML/001435.html(/url) or read this post. Advice is needed! Back in story:)

    Suddenly another mysterious newcomer slides past the other one facing Avatara, this one sits at Acrolek's table..."Hey Acrolek, long time no see."
    "Oh hi Val, yep long time, got any quest you want me to join?"
    "Yep its called The Siege of Korax" Val and Acrolek drift into converstaion. Later.
    "Okay so when do we leave for that Korax city, is that anyoning siege lord back?"
    "In a bit, got to get some supplise, yep its him and now i dont think that one trick you used last time will work."
    "I wonder.." Acrolek gives Val an evil grin.
    "Oh no, dont tell me you still got some of that stuff left." "I found a way to keep it form doing the same thing instantly i froze it so it wont starting doing that until it melts..."
    "Oh great...well the anoying siege lord has got some mages figuring out what you made and hoping to use it on the city's defense. Good thing they are not as skilled as the mages i have seen here."
    "I know where we can get some poeple to join in this quest, there are some good mages in here who may want to go on a quest."


  • (OOC) (url="http://"")Advice, as per your request.(/url) It's just some basic, helpful guidelines for getting your story started. I'm sure Dusk is tired of me linking to this thing by now, but linking to it beats trying to say it myself.

    Also, to link to your post in the Tavern, try this URL instead: (url="http://"")http://www.AmbrosiaS...-05-200301:11PM(/url)
    It takes you directly to your post and not to the top of the page.

    Although you have a pretty solid concept, I probably won't be able to participate, since I've got my own story running right now and I'm going off to college next week. Good luck!

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  • I dicided not to do a team story at this time since one is already going on and i seem to mess things up when i post so anyone wont be seening much of me for a long time.

    End of Team Story.


  • are you sure you want to kill the team story if you like i will join im a bit bored they wont let me into the other story till later and im kinda bored

    Yummy! My moldy, crunchy, mouth-watering... drools frruuuiitt cakkeee...

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