Secret levers & the stupid hint book

  • Hi!

    I'm hoping someone can help me because the hint book has left me more confused then ever.

    I decide to check out what the hint book has to say about Cademia in case I missed something there. I'm in the area so I figure I'd save some time walking. So it says that there are secret levers and just might help me out with the secrets that say "There is no obvious way to operate it." So I go to the area where the secret lever is and attempt to find secrets (being a rogue has come in quite handy) but I can't find any levers. I walk and search walk and search but nothing is happening. How do I find and activate these secret levers?

    Thanks in advance.

    Erica J. Marceau

  • The levers are usually close to the secret door. They can be difficult to find because they're usually hidden under something. If you have a question about a specificd door, I would be more than happy to tell you how to open it.

  • Since there are 3 entrances to the sewers (I found one thanks to your help) finding the other 2 doesn't matter very much. The hint book does say that there is a secret passage to Omen's Test which has 7 bombs. I'd like to find this since there are some mage locks I'd like to blow up. I'd also like for the lock picking skill to work but I think that's asking for too much.

    Thanks for your help and for your great web site.

    Erica J. Marceau

  • First go into House Comana(the one with the ruffian on the bed) Inside the NE room under a crate there is a lever. There is a room with a spike trap in it down to the south. The lever opens the wall. The S door has bombs behind it, and the N door has Omen's room.(useful if you haven't gotten the ring.)

  • Thank you very much for your help. The one problem with Detect Secrets is that you don't have to be very close to the secret in order to detect it. I was wandering outside House Comana but never thought of going inside it to find the lever.

    Naturally, I have another question. Now that I found the lever and have gone Below Cademia I can't get through the two metal doors. My lockpicks only break, I can't bust them down, and Timon's Magic Arrows are ineffectual as ever. I do detect a secret door but haven't been able to locate or use them. Any ideas?

    Thank you again for your help. I hope that I can help others as you have helped me.

    Erica J. Marceau

  • Use the spell Open.

  • Also, a mace is a wonderful weapon for opening doors.

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