Pynx and its secret passage

  • Wierd, but all of the subjects that I started have been deleted. Firstly, thank you to the person who suggested I use a Mace to knock down doors. That really helped a lot. Thanks also to the person who suggested I train in defense. My HP has gone up from 45 to a more healthy 76. Now I can concentrate on attacking and swordmanship.

    My question now has to do with Pynx and its secret passage. I blew down the dorr and found a maze of passages. I went through to the end and my amazing Sense Secrets ability tells me that it found "The Wall." What is this wall and how do I use it to get beyond it? I've clicked everywhere to no avail.

    Thanks again!

    Erica J. Marceau

  • wak through it

  • i mean walk through it, it should be a passageway hidden by the fact that it looks like there is an actual wall, whenever you use that secret sense the secret things will blink, that should help some


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