Are crystal balls only good for getting headaches with?/Buying Building/tips

  • I have two Crystal Balls one is green one is purple, what do they do what are they for? are they yet another useless object? If you use them they give you headaches, is that all they are good for? Tell me if they are worth anytime or any space in inventory. Also what is the advantage to buying the building in Cademia? I have accumulated enough money thanks to Slayer's tip on carrying more than your strength, but is it owrth buying it? Can you get furniture or better yet actually keep stuff in it. Like leave a chest will the stuff still be in there when one comes back? Someone who has bought the building tell me if it is at all worth it!

    I have found a great way to get Exp points fast for those who have the peices of the Crolna, is keep going down into the Seldane city (in the caves below Cythera, the enterance with four "Pylons" and the force fields) go down their and just make a circle killing all the defenseless Giant slugs and Land Jelly fishes for easy points. When you have made a complete circle leave and come back and the creatures are back repeat this for quick exp points works faster than using the sword dummy, and compared to combat with dangerous creatures, this is easy!

    I found it was easiest to get oboloi by when finding a chest of oboloi, take the oboloi out, or even just add a couple of you oboloi into the chest with the other oboloi and it my version it allows you to then steal the oboloi, even though oboloi has no good use or value in this game....

  • If you have some mana points, the green ball lets you view a large area in front of you, and the purple ball detects secrets.

    The building in Cademia is worthless, but there's not much else to spend your money on, especially 10,000 oboloi. Stuff still disappears from the building, even if you lock the door. You can't move any furniture in, either. If you've got the money, though, you might as well buy it.

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