got some problems with magic.

  • is there a way to become master of pnyx or something?(at least something higher than a dum mage).


  • Short answer: No

    Long answer: There are no special magic spells or anything being kept from you. You can't be a teacher at the school, a judge in a city, or even officially a Freemage. Because you need to use the magic fast, they make some exceptions for you. The only way to increase the number & potency of the spells you can cast is to collect the Sapphire books to unlock the Special Halls. Don't get so hung up on the fact that you're not going through proper official mage training or that you aren't doing any of the jobs other mages do. Most student mages wouldn't be allowed to do half the stuff you're allowed to do until they had spent years at the school. You're beating the system, because you have to in order to complete your main quest. Go to (url="http://"")Slayer's Guide(/url) if you want to be told where the books are.

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