i dont understand this.

  • i got a quistion.is there a way to meet the boss of omen.and can i kill alaric?


  • That's an interesting pair of questions there ;)

    But, Alaric cannot be attacked and killed, and unless I'm mistaken, Omen's master does not manifest himself over the course of the game.

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  • If you fail to heal Alaric, you can assume that he loses his remaining power and finally sucumbs to old age, but no, you can't kill him directly. Of course, he dies if you expose him to the unpurified crolna.

    You do meet Omen's boss, but you'll be almost finished with the game by that time (It's when you go below Kosha - the person you meet there is possessed by Omen's boss, or at least a part of the boss.) The crolna has been poisoned and possessed by Omen's boss. As long as it's not purified, it has a corruptive influence rather than a good one.

    If you have any more questions, bellerophen, post them in this topic rather than starting a new one. That way, we don't clutter up the board. Thanks :)

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