my story.

  • omens boss part 1
    selinius's dead
    this is just like the game but then when its done.
    "alaric:thanks to restore me and my land.bellerophon:no thank.phoo!that was hard.
    bellerophon lies on his bed.magpie comes with bread and cheese.magpie:here you might be hungry.bellerophon:thanks.suddenly magpie looks scary with red eyes.but that only for 5 sec. bellerophon:wow! he falls off the bed.magpie:hihihihihihi.magpie walks away.than omen comes.omen:well done,human you have cured alaric and restored the bond of the land.but before i go i need to warn master is in landking hall.omen fades away.bellerophon:but......than a gaurd comes.guard:i got a letter for bellerophon.bellerphon:thats me!he takes the letter.bellerophon eats the bread and cheese.than he reads the letter:

    you got to go to pnyx.we need you.selinius died.murdered!
    please are the hero here,lindus

    bellerophon:hmmmmm,i thought i already restored the land.
    a sickness is coming throw his body.bellerophon:selinius was a good friend
    of pnyx and me.bellerophon takes a horse.and rides to pnyx.on the way he needed to kill 2 ruffians.his finnaly there.but then.bellerophon:what is this!!.it is no nice big building are ruins.bellerophon gets of his body's.only the body of selinius.bellerophon:huh?there is a mystic arrow in him.somebody killed him with a spell.he turns around.than he sees a man standing in the front of bellerophon.ruffian:so,you are that hero who stopped all my plans specialy that kidnapping.bellerophon:who are you?ruffian:call me eudoxus.bellerophon:you?
    finally i can kill you.bellerophon and eudoxus take there swords.the are starting a nice fight.5 minutes later the both loose there sword.eudoxus beats bellerophon
    on the nose.bellerophon kicks eudoxus in the stomach.bellerophon beats eudoxus in the face.bellerophon trys to punch again but eudoxus ducks and punches bellerophon.suddenly eudoxus gets the same red eyes as magpie had.eudoxus
    picks bellerophon up with 1 hand.and throws him against the ruined.eudoxus leaves
    and now the red eyes are gone.bellerophon:strange.blood driping out of bellerophon's and his mouth.bellerophon falls knocked out becauce of the morning he wakes up in pnyx.bellerophon:what is going in here!pnyx was restored
    bellerophon walked true a nice hall.nice lights on the wall.he runs to lindus.lindus:hello,you dont need to be suprised of what we now done to pnyx,all the mages including me and freemages judge's.everybody who knows a little bit of magic,fused there powers and restored the building.bellerophon:how did it became a ruin than?lindus:hmmmmm,i atually dont know.we suspect the murderer of selinius.
    than who is the goddamn murderer!!!!!!!!!bellerophon shouted true the whole building.lindus:relax,we al dont know.bellerophon go's out of the building.

    bellerophon go's to the ruffian encampent.bellerophon:there are much ruffians,i need to sneak in.bellerophon go's behind a wall.1 ruffian comes.bellerophon punches the ruffian on the ground and takes his knife.a few minutes later he is at eudoxus.bellerophon kicks him punches him.and than he throws eudoxus against
    the table.he holds the knife against his neck.bellerophon i need to ask you something.eudoxus:and that is?bellerophon:did you blow up pnyx and killed selinius!!!eudoxus:no,please i am telling the truth.bellerophon and what about these red eyes?!eudoxus:what?bellerophon:when you were fighting me!eudoxus:i didn't
    foughted you.bellerophon :redface: k,i will not kill you.but i bring you to prison.sacas will do a truth spell.3 hours later......sacas:he is telling the truth.but we will execute him for everything that he has done.bellerophon:thanks ma,am.sacas:no thanks.bellerophon:wait a second!the shapechanger.bellerophon go's to cademia.bellerophon:berossus!cybele blowed up pnyx and killed selinius and attacked me.berossus:huh?impossible,she was here the whole time.bellerophon:who did it than.wait a second omen sayd that his master was at landking hall!it is him.his next victom is........alaric!!!bellerophon runs to the landking.but it was to late.hadrian and alaric were in a great battle.sword vs magic.the fougthed an hour.until there came a sort a vision out of hadrian and it fled.hadrian:sorry,something was controling me.alaric:i know it was evil.bellerophon:i am going.finally bellerophon came at the test that he did at the beginning.bellerophon :redface:men!suddenly a vision comes.omen:calling me?bellerophon:why is your master doing this?omen:good that you ask,human.he needs to have might over cythera.cuz he has a better bond than.
    alaric must be killed.bellerophon:no!his a nice,man.omen:you will see what happens if he stays alive.omen fades away.bellerophon:damn!

    to be continued


  • Well, at least they spelled 'Pnyx' correctly (making allowances for lack of capitals ;) )

    "The e-mail of the specious is deadlier than their mail" - Tom Holt, 'Snow White and the Seven Samurai'
    Panther rocks!

  • Interestingly, bellerophen spelled Bellerophon correctly as well.

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  • I will attempt to edit and clarify this post. Bellerophen, please observe as I use the English language correctly in the written form. Note particularly my use of CAPITALIZATION, which is accomplished by my pressing down of a key on my keyboard labelled "shift". You should try using a similar key on your own keyboard. My edits are in bold.


    Originally posted by bellerophen:
    O men ' s B oss P art 1 :
    S elinius is D ead
    (T his is just like the game , but after you are done. )
    " T hanks for restoring me and my land ," says Alaric.
    "N o , thank s are needed," replies Bellerophon. "P hoo! T hat was hard ," Bellerophon says to himself.
    B ellerophon lies on his bed. M agpie comes in with bread and cheese.

    (Editor's Note: I just realized that the writer was attempting to write this in a format more like that of a script to a movie or play. I will now continue to edit in that format. Spoken text is normal, while actions are italicized)

    M agpie: H ere , you might be hungry.
    B ellerophon: T hanks.
    S uddenly M agpie looks scary , with red eyes , but only for 5 sec.
    B ellerophon: W ow! H e falls off the bed.
    M agpie: H ihihihihihi ! M agpie walks away. T h e n O men appears.

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