the seven murderers (team story)

  • i saw big joe had a team story.but i wanna have a new please join writing.
    it begins like this:

    Everbody likes these mornings in Cythera.A nice sun,then going to the tavern for delicous food.So did i."Hi Crito" i sayd."He Bellerophen"! he sayd."Did you heard about the murder yesterday in Catamarca?I ate my bread and i drinked wine."No"i sayd."It was the elder of house Strymon"!"you know what i think"?
    "I think it was darius"!"House Comana"?i sayd."Of course!"The
    would do anything to let Comana win!"Well, i gotta go"." I will talk
    with you about this later, Crito".I left, i went to my job.I did blacksmithing.I was making a big mighty axe.Suddenly Thersites
    came in."A nice axe"!he sayd."I am gonna buy it"."no"i sayd.

    "You dont need to pay"."You can have it for free"!"I will even
    make some for your guards"."Thanks"he sayd.

    Few hours working..........

    I was finally done.I went to Catamarca for a while. To investegate
    the crime.But first i had an sleep.I woke up of something.I heard screaming and knives hitting flesh.I ran into the house.a broken window and a body.Darius must have done this.i thought.Wait a second, it cant be him cuz the one who was lieng on the ground was Darius!Next morning i went back to Odemia to report everything to judge Sacas."Thanks for the report" she sayd."I will send Thersites."Yes ma'am"i answered.

    I went to the tavern."Got any news" Crito sayd
    ."Yes"i answered."Darius was the victom this time".
    "Strange"Crito sayd.


  • 'sayd' is not a word. You may have been trying to type 'sayed,' which is not a word either. The proper spelling is 'said.'

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