house comana!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • is there a way to bring house comana in jail or something.
    cuz i dont get know that the are bad.but cant you do anything
    against it?and in the undine there something important to do?
    or is it just fun for fighting there?


  • You can't incriminate house comana because:
    a. They haven't broken any pre-existing laws
    b. The evidence was either circumstatial or procured without warrant
    c. Pelagon kills them after Halos is exhonerated

    And as for the strongholds:

    they are not neccessary (sp?) to beat the game but the first one gives you access to tavara's journal (bookcase) and a dimond ring to enter the other stronghold. While the other stronghold has infinate undead, loads of Cylla, A couple of demons, two or three golems, a non-combative lich (tavara?), and if you make it into the innermost area and survive--The Purple Crystal Ball.

    P.S. The stongholds are more often refered to as the 'undead strongholds' or the 'tavara stronghols'

    P.P.S. Please be more specific in your topic naming (and kill the extra exclaimation points)

    P.P.P.S. Enjoy cythera and have a nice day :)

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