It's great to be back....

  • Well, I am back now here at the Cythera boards, it's so wonderful here. I have been going here to read, but I haven't posted. That will be changed from now on.

    Another thing, .... I read some >very< old posts, and I saw that there should be a book in the ocean somewhere.... Anyone know something 'bout this?

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  • i do!its great that you are about the ocean.yake a shovel.go to odemia dont go in!go south.walk near the shoreline until you reach a a ground with sand.(the rest is grass).dig on the sand place.and you wil find an sapphire

    i also got a quistion.i already saw that topic.but i wanna ask were urslyph is.
    i didn't understand the old topic very can you guys please explain were he is?

    and it is really good to see you back seldane.cuz you are a nice guy.


  • Thank you, thank you....

    About Ursylph.... Well, you know that little lake under Kosha. With an island in the middle, well, there is a thing there. A pillar or whatever, use the Crolna on it, then walk over the bride that appears, dig around on the island and a hole will appear. Enter it. Welcome to Ursylph's prison!

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  • Neato, guess you found your password again.

    "What we do not know, we cannot begin to understand."

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    Originally posted by Seldane:
    **...that little lake under Kosha...

    Isn't it to the northwest?

    Can't say I remember you, but I'm fairly new to the Cythera boards myself. Welcome, or welcome back, or whatever fits :)

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    Originally posted by Pallas Athene:
    Isn't it to the northwest?


    South West--In the middle of the plains of Kalkis

  • sorry guys but i stil dont understand were urslyph is.i cant find the pillar and stuff.
    maybe you guys can mail me a save game.i dont care how far you guys are cuz i already beated the game.


  • But.... But .... It's so simple!

    Go to Prusa, then go down. You WILL find a lake. There will be a grey "metal like" thing on the LEFT side of the lake. Use the Crolna on it.

    Btw, found Ignae yet?

    Yes. I am new, new to the forums, but old to Cythera. Been playing it since 1999. But now I am back.... Heh. I got here in June. Thanks guys.

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