what happens?

  • what happens when you kill ignae?does that destroy the balance swing?or does something else happen.and when you free urslyph.does that have sense?


  • You can't kill elementals such as ignae. Ursylph no longer cares if you release him and he continues tto pace in his cell even after it is opened.

    and besides that Ignae and Ursylph are of the two fallen races-The elementals of fire and air. It has been contemplated that something made them go on a rampage across the land and were all but exterminated. Only Ignae and Ursylph were spared to preserve the balance of the elements. The reference to the balance and which way it will swing is a reference of the war between the Seldane and Undine, earth and water, east and west. Listen well to what everyone says but take each person's word with a pinch of salt-EVERYONE has thier own motives,thier own plan, thier own truth.

  • True, true. But do not forget to ask them questions yourself (come up with things). Like Human, Balance, etc. It is really interesting....

    And vlsitor, I must ask you something:

    Why don't you register? I have seen posts made by you, that are YEARS old. But you never register, how does that come?

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  • my ISP's #&%&@#^%#&@^%@$^%&%^@#&$ "spam-blocker" prevents me from registering. I tried to register from another computer but the registration e-mail never came (points to '.' at end of name)

  • That's very odd. Try registering through one of those free accounts, like Yahoo or Hotmail.

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  • I wouldn't trust Hotmail with anything, not even a penny, their service is rather unreliable and the spam is worse than Yahoo.

    Yahoo is web-based email, its stored on yahoo's server so you shouldn't have any ISP filtering, and you get 4MB free. You also get spammed on occasion depending on who figures out your email address and what options you set. However, if you just sign up to have an email that will accept Ambrosia registration info (and Yahoo does work, this account was originally created with a Yahoo email) that won't be a problem. Only thing you have to do then is check it once a month or if something happens to your account and you don't know why to see if you've got any notices from ASW. (and maybe delete all of the spam once in a while to keep under your size limit)

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