A few questions of mass importance?

  • Ok, First off, how do i make bread?

    Second, How do i get into that secret room at the Ratcatchers Guild in Cademia.

    Third, After i hit level six can i no longer gain training points? cause i used all of mine, and i can't ask Hector's mother to teach me cooking because i don't have anymore training points. Thanks folks, Laterz.

    Also could you e-mail me your replies as i don't always have the patience (my broweser is slow as hell and my computer doesn't help) to come here and check the posts. Thanks alot.

  • To make bread, you must be trained in cooking. Emesa should explain how to make bread.

    To get into the secret room use the lever that's under the table in Aethon's house.

    To get more training points you just need to get another level up.

    And yes, I also mailed the answers.

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