Cythera 2 (mods please read)

  • Cytera 2 could be about the people left on Thera or you could be living in the age of the Tyrants then you could watch Pnyx be built or you could be one of the mages. Your occupation could decide what you do first. You could fight Tavara and keep Abydos from being destroyed. You might restore the balance of the elements, they may have been corrupted by some thing ;). You could be sent by the cured Alaric to end some probs in Cythera's bloody past ;) ;) ;)


  • This kinda goes for all of your topics, but please read through recent topics or search for things before you post them. It keeps the boards a little less clogged (though that's never really been a problem here). In regard to this particular one, the author, Glenn Andreas already wrote a Cythera II plot, but has no plans to implement them into a game, and hasn't really for the past six years. It's always encouraging from my point of view to see people who are interested in the game, but try to consolidate your posts next time.

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