• The ring the Arteus the gem buyer/seller (lives in Kosha) has in his draw is an identical ring that is found with one of the lich's. I have some up with a couple of conclusions with this. Arteus has either married a lich, married a woman/man that has become a lich or he was a lich married to another lich being it male or female and then he has become a real man. All of these ideas seem to point to Arteus being more than he seems. Any other ideas into this amazing problem will be taken into account.


  • Nothing so dramatic, I think - my guess is the ring is the symbol of an ancient cult, possibly connected with Tavara. The one Arteus has may or may not mean the cult is still around, it might have been turned up by an archaeological expedition, or on some earlier adventurer's travels.

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  • I never thought of that, I always thought that because he was single it might have happened that way. I think that your version is a little more true that what i said mainly because my version where a little crazy.

    Thanks for the reply.


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