Pestle, Elements and Boards

  • Has anyone figured out what the morter and pestle do at first I thought it might be to grind elements. Speaking af elements has anyone made Food of the Gods potion I hear it's made from swamp?? Boards what are they for I'm Begining to think they have no use at all.


  • the food of the gods isn't all that usefull, it is made from swamp beans or something like that and it is just like eating food, it is not really all that usefull in the wole scheme of things. It would be just as easy to eat or make a piece of flatbread if not even easier.


  • As far as I know the mortar and pestle have no purpose other then to look cool, and no, I don't think the boards do anything either. I spent ages trying to tie them together with rope or make fences out of them.

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  • Use the boards on the bridge in the cave where the mage who enchants weapons is. Well, not necessarily usefull, but interesting...

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