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  • Please bear with me, everyone, as I just started playing Cythera about 30 minutes ago, and a few little control issues are ticking me off...

    Is it possible to light unlit wall torches?

    To be more exact, I'm in Omen's test, having failed to find the "reward" three times, and I've finally found the secret room directly south of the initial lever room, where the scroll tells me that "unfortunately, secret rooms won't always bear rewards...however this one will.....". I've tried "use"ing all the walls, and the only option I've got is the unlit torch on the wall. I've tried using lit torches (which promptly put them out), I've tried blowing it up with the bomb (with understandably useless results...i.e. square one with one less bomb), and I've tested seemingly every wall in the "transporter" sector, right before the final room.

    Am I not doing something right, here? Or have I just not thought of the right action?


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  • There is an option that you can use called 'search'. Simply click on the item(hint, hint: Wall torch)and it will seach it. ;)

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  • Uh, yeah...<blush>... I uh, kinda fell into that five minutes after writing the post...

    Boy, do I feel dumb.

    Thanks anyway. I appreciate it.

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