Dead Team Story?

  • Is Big Joe's team story over? Last time I checked we( the group) was at pynx and i begon a tiny small adaventurefor my character. So are we done or just going to continue later?

    Why do we kill people, who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong?

  • ** Really Me! **

    As far as I know, it hasn't ended. Because of complications with school and such, I forced myself to take a hiatus from almost all forms of digital entertainment, including all webboards I posted on. At the time of that decision, I transfered control of the story to Dusk. I haven't posted there myself since then. I have been checking it occasionally, and it does sadden me that it hasn't progressed much further than when I left it. However, that's the way some things work - I'm sure that I'm not the only person who's gotten bogged down with real life. Also, this has been a very slow board for some time now. When there's more than one post a day for a week, we've had a busy week for Cythera.

    But back to the team story: If you have an idea, and would like to post it, go ahead and do so. No one takes turns with this thing - one person's post inspires another person to write, and that's the way it goes. And don't worry about posting twice in a row or anything. Just try to keep it moving. The Team Stories rely on the ideas participating writers/role-players, not any one person or any tangible rules. That's what make them fun. ;)

    And no, this post doesn't mean I want to take over again. I just had a couple of really good test grades this week that might fix my average this semester, and I'm rewarding myself. However, we all know "might fix" is not "have fixed". God I hate chemistry.

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