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  • I was wondering if anyone knew if they changed anything. I couldn't find any defference between easy and hard, wasn't any harder to egt experence or money and the story line didn't seem any harder. Could anyone shed any light on this problem.

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  • I haven't played around with it a lot, and then not for many years (since before I joined the webboards), but I think I remembered noticing it being easier/harder to hit things, harder/easier to be hit, less/more susceptability to mind spells, and lower/higher chance at my own spell failure. I also thought it might slow/hasten the rate of getting hungry, but that's such a hard thing to tell that it might have been my imagination. Or possibly all of it might have been.

    Anyway, hopefully this is better than nothing-

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  • The story or gameplay doesn't change with the difficulty settings- what should change are the randomly generated things, as Theo said.

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