• Questions:
    1. How much experience does it take to get past level 7? I have 6371 currently, which is more than double what it took to get to level 7.

    2. Is it worth it to jack up certain abilities, i.e. Mace, Attack, Defend, or is it all the same after a certain point???

    3. Is there one Character type that's best, or are they all eventually the same?

    4. Can other character types learn lockpicking, haggling, persuausion, etc?

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    1. You've got 29 exp to go. For more information on experience check out my skills page at (url="http://"")http://www.sweepies....era/cythera.htm(/url)

    2. I took my attack all the way to 15, and tried to do the same with my weapon skill, but ran out of training points(at level 10, that's a problem)

    3. My favorite is explorer, but I'd imagine that any character type will do the job just fine.

    4. No one can learn skills but you. A lot of characters come with built-in skills, though.

  • So the weapon skills are worthwile? I wasn't sure if there was any significant improvement after they were above 2 or so. I know I can always use more Mana, though.

    Wow, just getting past level 7 takes a while. Ruffians don't tend to boost your experience that much, and the Polyps still thrash me if I fight more than two at a time.

    Another problem is, Hector and Meleagor do most of the fighting, unless I tell them to defend. So experience is difficult to get.

    I got my first Sapphire book by defeating the demon under the city. At first I couldn't even do any damage. Then I got smart and used death strike. Poof, he was gone.

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