Trouble with hector

  • :confused: I'm new to Cythera and I want to know how to get hector to join me. :confused: Also I want to learn how to get rid some raiders

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  • Okay, i admit that was evil but check out this one, should be slayer's (url="http://"")guide(/url). And if you dont belive me then copy and paste this link, they are the same. (url="http://"")http://www.macclassi...era/cythera.htm(/url)

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  • sigh am I the only one who is of the opinion that Slayer's site is too overly spoiling to be used as the first source, and that it is faster for people looking for help and more fun (by being less spoiling) if you take the time to answer them directly.

    That said, have you taken Magpie's (the fool's) suggestiong to ask people "join". Ask Hector that, and he should give you enough of a hint on how to get him to actually join. If you have already done this, maybe Cythera isn't you're type of game, but I would recommend asking other people in Land King Hall about Hector.

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    Originally posted by Dark Jet:
    **Well, u could try this link.

    Yes, that was evil. No, you did not `get' me with the trap, (I have a real OS and whatnot) however I have a long-standing hatred of that and other, similar malware.

    It is likely illegal under any number of anti-malware laws and possibly a violation of the ISP's TOS. Although your use of the vowel u' rather that the proper wordyou' indicates that you may have trouble understanding why this is the case, consider a user who has a single-tasking (or fake multitasking) operating system - such as any Mac OS prior to version 10. This web page could cause them to hard-restart their computer, possibly losing unsaved work.

    For instance, suppose J. Random Researcher comes along, clicks the link, and then crashes his computer. There is a hard-drive crash, and experimental results from yesterday that he hadn't yet examined are lost. They showed that one of the chemicals tested was a cure for cancer. The blood of millions is on your hands.

    So, please edit your post and don't ever commit such a terrible crime against humanity again! :)

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  • ok I asked hector to join me then he talked about me asking his father so I Asked his dad hector and he said when hector had more expernce he could join. What should I do

  • You should ask Hector's father "hector" and he should give permission. Then try talking to Hector. See where that gets you. Sometimes in Cythera you just have to get the right word to get the reaction you want, sometimes you have to be specific, sometimes you have to be general in the terms you use.

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    Originally posted by Theo Nean Donly:
    sigh am I the only one who is of the opinion that Slayer's site is too overly spoiling to be used as the first source

    I also share that opinion. I highly suggest trying to figure things out on your own. It's just more rewarding that way.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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