Pinning the IRC Guide

  • Poll: Should Talos' "intro to IRC guide" be pinned? (15 member(s) have cast votes)
    Should Talos' "intro to IRC guide" be pinned?
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    (2 votes [0.01%])
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    Death to all pinned topics! I loathe and despise them!
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    Why can I edit polls and responses?
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    Recently some people have been asking about how they can connect to IRC. Talos wrote up a handy quick-start guide about three years ago, and most of us simply link back to it to answer questions. But, do enough people wish to reference it without hunting down a link, or is it okay to simply link back to the guide - rather than clutter up the topic page with another pinned topic?

    What do you guys (and girls) think?

    The topic in question is here.

  • yea, go for it, but only for a time. I think the current batch of people would like to know, then when they get used to it, we can let it die until a new crop of people appear.

  • Yeah, that makes sense.

  • Since the guide has been pinned, should we post our questions about IRC there?

  • Go ahead.

  • Well, I'd say the vote was quite overwhelming. I just need to hire bodyguards now to stave off the angry hordes. :p

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