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  • How do you upload em?

    I went through, after i got my account back (look at my last post in the echos of the past ts) and saw avatars...ya! :D but i cant find out how to upload them, did i miss something on that page under profile thing? or is it something special..? :unsure:

    -Dark Jet

  • You have to sacrifice seventeen virgin lambs to the Avatar God at the Alter of Stonehenge on the first Tuesday of the month if its raining in Scotland at 7:16pm while snowing in Wellington, New Zealand. Then, you must defeat the giant Ogre King in Thailand while blindfolded and standing on one foot on a rope hanging perilously over a river of molten lava as fifteen forest imps poke you with hot iron rods in the back, with the final blow to the ogre being dealt at the exact moment lightning strikes a building in New York City.

    Only then have you proved yourself worthy of uploading custom avatars.

  • Yeah, but you can't even link off-site :/

  • So far, I have not seen a way to upload custom avatars either.

    But I don't mind a lot, that kitty is cute. ^^

  • Pallas Athene, on Sep 10 2004, 06:02 AM, said:

    Yeah, but you can't even link off-site :/
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    Download the image you want and upload it.

  • Pallas Athene, on Sep 10 2004, 07:02 AM, said:

    Yeah, but you can't even link off-site :/
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    If we let you link off-site, people could link to slow-ass servers that would bog down the forums every time your avatar needed to be loaded in. You'll have to upload the image you want to use here.

  • Fair enough. If you're willing to expend the disk space, I'm willing to use it ;)

  • Found it...

    -Dark Jet

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  • Oh, and is there any chance we'll get some decent smileys back? I seem to recall ubb's being coprighted, but if Ambrosia had the rights to use them then, it would seem that they should still have the rights now.

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