• About the Char Info topic

    First off: Yey! :p

    But my question is, are these characters in any order, or shall I have to look through them all to find where old character (X) might be?

  • I would think that they're still in chronological order by original post date.

  • I can't change the ordering, sorry. Its done by post time from oldest to newest.

    Though Theo, almost all of yours are in the first post of the original topic. :p

  • Ahhh... I was wondering :rolleyes:

    But what is this rating buisiness over there:
    |/_ :blink:

    This post has been edited by Theo Nean Donly : 09 September 2004 - 07:24 PM

  • I can't tell you, I can't see your rating, but its the other view for the warning system that existed earlier - except nobody can modify it at the moment. Except admins.

    The future karma system will go there.

  • Well, than is it intended that users only see their own rating? I mean, I don't see anyone else having it.

  • I don't know. Right now it does no good, because no mods can modify it. :p When it gets worked out, I'll tell you.

    Also, in the past people were able to post snippets such as "my character has been updated". Unfortunately, deleting these doesn't delete them, it moves them into the "trash collector" forum (see "Public Displays of Affection" in andrew's pinned topic on the Ambrosia Banter), where deleted topics (and even individual posts) sit to be tormented for all eternity. Sort of like a post afterlife, but not a pleasant one.

    So, cleaning out about 10 of the unrelated posts (like the arguing over if lizards have fur) ended up creating 10 "From 'Character Info'" topics. :( There should be a better way that we can figure out on how to indicate characters have been updated, rather than simply posting - especially since the topic is now pinned, so it doesn't need any bumping up to not get drowned in the mud.

  • That's simple enough. How many people maintain characters, simply because they like maintaining characters? I'd guess not many - they're all intended for use in taverns, TSes, stories, etc. So, instead of posting "Character Updated" to Character Info, one should just post it to the relevant TS, story, tavern, etc.

  • That makes sense....but that might suck(where posts cant get completely wiped) cause if someone "spams" it will just get moved to that place...right?

  • Where if they spam and delete their own posts, we can easily find it, yes. :p

  • Which reminds me... why is it that we can edit our posts to remove all content, but we can't delete them? It's functionally equivalent, but cleaner to let users delete their own posts.

    I suppose it's because of the trash collector. But really, it would make far more sense to have the "delete post" feature merely prevent it from being displayed (except to moderators), without removing it from the topic.

  • Which may be possible, I can make posts invisible to ordinary mortals if I do so manually. Dunno, bring it up with andrew.

  • Well, then, there's another solution to the bumping problem. Instead of deleting the bumps, just make them invisible.

  • Yeah, but then I have to scroll through thirty-thousand invisible bumps that I can see. ;)

  • Hrm, viewing them isn't an option for mods? Obviously, mods should still be able to get at them, but it just sounds like trouble if you see them all the time.

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