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  • So, what doesn't work yet?

    Andrew has started a list in the WR trying to compile all the errors (for example, unable to edit comments in image galleries) with the new board system, so the bugs can get ironed out. Well, a bunch of eyes are more perceptive than one, and some of you have a knack for trying to break systems. If you find problems where the site isn't working, feel free to post them here (or in the banter, or anyplace where people look actually) and I'll relay it to him, or he might read about them here, or both.

    This is not the place to whine about the karma system, the board colors, or missing post counts. And no Pallas, the "fourth question" isn't welcome here either.

  • Well, uploading custom avatars doesn't seem to work.


  • I think the superforums should be considered as a "bug", but these aren't things that need to be changed programmatically.

    Several people (including myself) have succeeded in uploading our own avatars. Could you maybe list some more information about your situation (OS9 or OSX, which browser, connection speed)?

  • Quartermoon, on Sep 16 2004, 01:48 AM, said:

    Well, uploading custom avatars doesn't seem to work.

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    Worked fine, for me. Are you sure your avatar isn't too big, either dimensionally or in file size?

  • See, I'm so used to my wonderful Mac that I forget how dumb computers can be. My jpeg image was fine, it just didn't have ".jpg" at the end of its name. Once I added that to the name, it uploaded fine.

    Any maybe an admin should clean up all this sillyness so we don't clog up an otherwise important thread with my mistakes! :)

  • Then there'd be nothing here and my posts would get lonely... :(

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