Potion Ingedients

  • Where oh where does one find the ingredients required for the various potions? The seed pods are obvious from their name, and various gems, I suspect, can be found in the mine or bought from the gem merchant, but what about spider webs?? Or obsidian? Sulfur?


  • Obsidian is all over Lands' End Volcano - sulfur might be too, but I'm not as sure on that one.

    Spider webs can be found in the forest on the main map, wander around - I think maybe some are south of Pnyx near the mountains. Items lying on the ground show up as pink dots on your minimap, if you play with that open.

  • Avatara, I think ATT is beginning to take its toll on your cythera duties :p

    Acurate ingredient chart

    Seeds: Swamp
    Beans: South-East side of Mountains (near mining camp)
    Peppermint: Rivershore just north of cademia
    Spider webs: Cave near source of the river Sita (Cademian River)
    Rubies: Unreachable shore underground near enterence to seldane Ayrit -or- The gemsmith in Kosha (Or alternitively, buy the potions from the odemian blacksmith after talking about 'potions')
    Obsidion: Various places in the volcano (think hot) -or- The gemsmith in Kosha
    Diamonds: The gemsmith in Kosha (unobtainable natually)
    Sulpher: Fork in the path inside the volcano

    ...Also you can get various ingredients in chests and coffers along your journy...

    PS I haven't played cyhtera in months but I knew all of these from memory :cool:

  • I knew I could've looked it up on Slayer's guide, I was just going from memory. I haven't played in about two years because it doesn't run too happily on my current computer, and even when it did my knowledge wasn't on par with people who go to sleep memorizing Cytherian facts. :p

    But hey, I was two for three. I never went spider-web hunting because I didn't register until my character was level 8ish and then I never had the points to learn alchemy.

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