Chronicles Return?

  • Any idea when chronicles will be back? I don't mean to rush whoever is working on this, but I finally finished Cities of Fire 2, (a month behind schedule... :blink: ) Anyways, it's a good chron, and I'd like to post it.

    Also, any idea if we have the old chrons saved? I don't think most of my work still exists, otherwise.

  • I think that the old chronicles were preserved. Just go to Cythera Chronicles and set it to show all topics.

  • They were.

    I'll ask in the WR again if there's a specific system they want set up, but nobody answered last time.

  • Avatara, on Oct 4 2004, 09:41 PM, said:

    I'll ask in the WR again if there's a specific system they want set up, but nobody answered last time.
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    Thanks, Ty

  • Hrm, interesting discussion - including the possibility of combining them all into a "just write" forum.

    It looks like under the current system, users are going to be able to upload their own stories whenever - sans the approval process. To maintain the "weekly spot", a good chronicle or two could be stickyified for a week or so to give it an extra spotlight. Also, since there's no approval process, members will have to take extra care with spelling and grammar (something Slayer did for everyone in the past).

    This whole system works best if there is a flow of feedback for authors.

    I'm not ready to open up the chronicle forum to new chronicles yet, there's been no official word from the admins on if this is how the way it'll stay, so all these ideas are just chronicle mods suggesting stuff and trying to improvise. However, there are six stories in the pending chronicles (probably been sitting there for a couple months) that I hope to be channeling out, and once that's done we'll see.

  • If it matters to people, under the new system they could even create their chronicles as polls, with options ranging from 1 to 5 (guess we'll say 5 is the best, like with the image polls) and then people can rate chronicles - which would help give some idea of feedback, if people don't wish to post, or want to do so anonymously. IE, if nobody replies, but the most common vote was a "2", there might be some work to be done.

    Dunno, what do you guys think about that rating system? Should it be up to the author? (if it is done, make sure to allow replies if you want actual posted feedback)

  • In other news, after six months of dormancy, Half Truth's Rasul the Guard, a story about an antisocial guard in Land King Hall and an evil creature, sees the light of day. In the absence of the old format, this chron will be pinned for several days, basking in the spotlight of glory until the next chronicle is dug up and put on display.

    I'll put up a more exciting synopsis sometime later this week. I might even release all the pending chronicles at once (they'll all be pinned), since they've been on hold so long due to the board shift.

  • I would be more against the idea of rating than for. I just feel like it is supposed to be a creative, accepting process. Theoretically (that is, when we have a few chrons pending), the mods shouldn't pick out ones that "need work" and everything is worth viewing.

  • Well, I said it was up to the author - if they choose to they can. The pinning is because the chronicle forum is ordered by last post, so any new topics can easily get lost in the rush to comment on others - hence the pinning.

    That doesn't apply too much to Cythera, but if all the chronicle boards happen to merge, then it'd be rather useful.

  • Oh, I didn't realize that merging was the considered option... if that happened, I'd probably never even visit that part, so I'm perfectly neutral.

  • I didn't say it was going to happen, its being discussed by the other chron mods - there are pros and cons to the idea. And andrew hasn't said anything positive about it for months - though he's neglected to speak up this time.

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