• You've probably guessed this was coming for some time, but now it's finally official. I am retiring from my role as moderator of the Cythera web board. It was a lot of fun for a long time, but lately, I've had neither the time nor the motivation to fulfill my duties as moderator of this board. I have confidence in Avatara's ability to take over the chronicles and to maintain order on the board. Slayer's Guide to Cythera will remain online and I may stop in from time to time, but my time as moderator is now over. I wish everyone good luck in continuing the proud Cytheran traditions of team stories and chronicles. I'll miss all of our contributors. Thank you for letting me serve as your moderator for so long.

    Slayer, signing off.

  • :o

  • I'm sorry to see you go, Slayer. I wish you the best for whatever life brings your way.

  • Its sad to see you go, you've been around for almost five years, way back when Cythera was new, so you've seen the community evolve over most of its time here.

    Good luck with what you choose to pursue in life, you'll always be remembered for what you've done here.

    We'll miss you!

  • It is sad to see you go Slayer, as Avatara said you have been here from almost the begining of Cythera so you have been about to see how everything has changed, how it has evolved. It was good to have you around as a source of information and you did a good job with all of the chrons.

  • Goodbye, Slayer. As others have said, you've been around just about from the beginning and it is sad to see you go. You have done a great job with the chronicles and helping out new Cythera players. You'll be missed but not forgotten.
    P.S. Thanks for making Slayer's Guide to Cythera. I couldn't have beaten the game without it!

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  • :(
    (We need some different sad smileys.)

    It is sad to see you go. You have been here since long before I joined, and over the five years you have done a wonderful and devoted job as moderator. I'm sure that we all appreciate the work that you have done for us.

    We'll miss you!

  • Alas, alas, watch the winds run away
    Dripping in sorrow and singing decay
    Morrow must come as some malnourished day
    Ever intended for sticking delay.
    Brighten in hoping for blessing the true
    Honor in token and welcome to new
    Seeding the sighting of something gone through
    Please, while I offer this passage to you:
    Thanks for the journeys and lights from afar
    Slayer of wandering virtue none bar

    Good times of olde. Take care-

  • Farewell, Slayer.

  • /salute

    Good luck with whatever's ahead of you, and don't forget to drop by now and then. :)

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