Ropes, tyrants, and other related issues

  • Hey,

    Possible tyrant spoilers below...

    I can't seem to find a rope to save my life. Where does one find rope in this game??? To think that ropes ought to be easier to find than shields and swords... As for the two coils in the room near the inn in Cademia, well, I used one, moved the rest of the stuff in the room around, and everything vanished. Lesson: never move anything in this game, it's liable to disappear in time.

    As for the tyrant, I'm right now under the castle in cademia. I have crossed the sewer pool in the leftmost hall, but can't get through the gate. Do I have to play with the levers in the maze more, or is there something else I'm supposed to be doing?



  • Ring the bells. I don't remember the order off the top of my head, but it's listed in another thread.

  • I have the order written in my game journal. If you want me to post them just say so. I sort of hate to do it unless you specifically ask. It annoys me completely when people give me more information then I asked for in a hint!


  • Thanks for the response, figured it out :-)

    On to finding those books....

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