New Chronicles 10/10

  • Three Stories of Mystery and Wonder.

    I've cleaned out and moved over all five of the stories that have been sitting in the Pending Chronicles forum. However, to be a bit more fair, as Half Truth wrote more than half of them, only three will get the spotlight for the next few weeks. (HT: the other two are there, they're just invisible for now, I'll open them up in a week or two)

    First up is Half Truth's Rasul the Guard. This story is part of a larger story arc where a creature is running around killing people and ripping out their hearts, but this piece focuses mostly on a quiet, antisocial guard in Land King Hall and Half Truth's attempts to get him to open up. Half Truth brings us a solemn-paced first-person narrative told through a journal.

    And now for something completely different...
    Unlike the title seems to indicate, Dark Jet's Talis vs Kyla is not some Freddy vs Jason ripoff. In fact, they're two cultures: the Talis are inherently violent and have bloody contests for promotion, in Fight Club-esque duels. The Kyla, or the bad guys, raid and harass villages. If you can get past the somewhat confusing Talis rankings, this story deals somewhat with what really defines right and wrong (though it could use a bit more explanation on why the Kyla should be considered evil by the Talis).

    Finally, Selax steps up to bring us on the history of Selax which provides a very brief introduction into Selax's background and the world he came from.

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