Time Majik is t3h 3\/1L!

  • Notes on what disruptions altering timelines can cause...


    Ok, its called story building. As this one is fading, im building up to something new, to start another TS on the tail end of this one. Being cracked across the skull and knocked unconscious is NOT helping one bit. In fact, this puts me so far back I cant even think.

    I spent all night plotting this addition I was going to make tonight, but it involved a lot with my last post, and the way it goes now, my last post didnt even happen.

    Dude, time shifting is NOT cool. You pretty much just insulted me by saying my post sucked, and went with a crapass erase.

    If we are going to start allowing timeshifts and pretty much destroying segments of stories, then there isnt even a point for me to post, as anything I write can just so easily be erased not by a moderator with good reasoning behind it (believe me, Avatara has done it me before), but by a member who hasnt once conferenced with others on their plans. I put a lot of thought into that last one and into one I was planning tonight and to see my writing disrespected so just pisses me off. Pisses me off bad.

    And while im on the subject, this whole time magic stuff is nice and all, but the reason its not used much is because of the sole reason that IT WILL PISS SOMEBODY OFF. I for one think if you are going to use the time card, use a minor effect that will trigger a larger later effect, rather than flashing back and undoing. Again, if you go back and undo something somebody thought up and brooded over for hours, IT WILL PISS SOMEBODY OFF.

    To give you the reason I am so pissed right now, I knew I had 3 hours to make a post and intended to use every minute. While I was at work, I spent a good 6 hours of the time plotting my advances and minor nuances into the post, bringing many fascets into play and congealing a new storyline that will kick off soon, only to find that my time right now is not only wrecked, but the hours I spent going over that post this past afternoon were for naught. Had I known somebody would just come by and so Oh, no, that didnt happen , I would have instead said ###### this and played a few more games of Warcraft 3 this afternoon. Thanks for wasting my time.

    Im not saying that I cant take change. Im not saying I cannot adapt to new situations placed upon me. I put enough wrenches into other people's plans and paths, but I do know that I must adapt to other's takes on a situation in order to survive in a TS. But I cannot stand when my post is essentially trashed because somebody else couldnt adapt to it.

    Overmind, please change your post. My post came in first and you had no reason to just lay it down as though it hadnt already happened. Thats just pure bull.

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  • Sorry you feel that way, DF. I wasn't making a comment on your post itself, which I thought was pretty good. What you had your character doing went against my previous post, and I couldn't see any other way around it. If someone had already tried to do something once to avoid a bloodbath, what do you think they'd do if they thought that someone needlessly started one anyway? Try again, of course.

    Something to consider: I never said Temrel got it right. ;) He is, after all, new to the 'temporal adjustment' game. If you want to write a post where Kronos shows Temrel the error in what he's done, feel free (or I could do it, if you want) - the story hasn't progressed too far yet, and they can always undo what he did.

  • There is one thing you shouldnt mess with, and thats the progression of the story. Even though I may have done something that didnt match your exact appearance, realize others do the same for me, and even your idea didnt match mine. To just trash mine because it didnt match what you wanted is bull.

    I request that you delete your post, or edit it. If not, I refuse to go on in this.

  • Desert Fox, on Oct 13 2004, 09:40 AM, said:

    I request that you delete your post, or edit it.
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    Can't do that, but I can undo it. Hang fire, you'll see what I mean (I'd start now, but I don't have time.) Everyone else, please hold off posting until we get this sorted. I'll try to include as much as possible from everyone's posts to date, and bring things back to the same point.

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