• Hey im just wanting to know if your going to cointinue echoes from teh past,
    because i seem to have a curse on me.
    every time i post after not posting for a while.
    the topic ends.
    IT REALLY anoying.
    and its getting on my nerves.

  • The topic didn't end, wait a few days.

    Some of us have tests this week.

    But I'm sure the Selax crew will post something soon; he always does - he has nothing better to do. Its not like you can lead a real life in Kansas. ;)

  • im hoping to fire up something along the end of this one, if nobody else has ideas I do.

    And I would suggest looking in here more often. If you missed the TS for the most part, its due to pure laziness on your part because its been up for months, a few of those weeks not moving at all.

    If you were wanting to join to just post once every couple months, you might not find a TS that will take you in.

  • two things to add while im here...

    1. I dont get your post whatsoever. I dont think you can really claim 'im back' when most the story has gone by already. Its kinda like joining at the end, its kinda unfair to all involved. Its like cheating to get as far as everyone else in a game, and nobody else quite appreciates that.

    2. From your post, I would assume that english isnt your primary language. If it is, im sorry, but please clean up your post a bit, it seems like some gibberish sneaked in there.

    If its not, please go over it again, to see if you can spot and eliminate a few such errors.

  • Quote

    - he has nothing better to do. Its not like you can lead a real life in Kansas.

    Sure, I do and one can. People can go play chess and read, even in Kansas. Actually, I think its funny. Reminds me of that James Bond movie where the villain says that he'd blow up Kansas, but that nobody would know about it for years. And he might have been right ;). But that's part of the reason that I like it.

    . . .and thanks for motivation to post again.

    By the way, DF, I think that Pallas has some sort of idea and is planning (I think) to start the next TS.

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