The Half Truth Marathon

  • Chronicle Spotlight for 10/17/04

    This week, Half Truth brings us two more stories. Continuing from where Rasul the Guard left off last time, Half Truth's account goes on to detail the ailing world of Cythera, in the time and world the game itself takes place in.

    First, in Alaric the King Half Truth notices the King is beginning to slip into a sickness, as his health and mental state progressively decay. Omen makes an appearance and Half Truth sets off to Catamarca in search of answers, as well as to pay his respects to the late Rasul.

    The Account of Pegthm details Half Truth's stay in Catamarca and his attempt to root out the cause of a mysterious plague affecting the drinking water. The mysterious killing creature makes a reappearance and again Half Truth finds his life is being cursed by watching those around him die.

  • I guess that I am going to have to finish the rest of them now, I bet that you cant guess who the killer is?

  • Half Truth, on Oct 18 2004, 01:06 AM, said:

    I guess that I am going to have to finish the rest of them now,View Post

    Same goes for Cities of Fire... I'll get it eventually.

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