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  • Abydos at night

    I don't know if this is common knowledge or not or even if anyone else would find it interesting, but I do.

    A while back, I was playing Cythera, and I was far south of Pynx. I might have been at Land End's Volcano. It started to grow dark out in the game, so I began to head north. On the way, I stopped by at Abydos, and I didn't expect to find anything. When I got inside and looked around, I could see that there was something floating around. It turned out to be a ghost. Further investigation revealed more. They're just half-transparent ghosts that float around Abydos at night, and you can talk to them! They don't say anything, but they respond with actions to certain words like "Abydos" and "Tavara".

  • Not long ago I went and read almost every book in Cythera (maby all but I don't know) and from what I could figure out, they are the people who lived there which you have probably already guessed. Not much was ever said about Abydos apart from when it was built and when it fell and who made it and who destroyed it.

  • For a (fairly) breif summary and analysis of all Abydos and the Cult goings on, I did some intensive, completely fact based searching throughout the entire game. I did not include the ghosts however, those I discovered later. You can find this in an old chronicle of mine: History of Cythera's Mysteries 1: Lost Abydos, or something like that.

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  • How fitting, a topic about ghosts right around Halloween.

    Does the Pumpkin patch alter any appearances of the ghosts, by any chance?

  • Don't the ghosts also respond to words like "Pnyx" (something like gesturing to the north)? It just occurred to me that would be an interesting TS, finding out the whole story about Abydos, the Cult of Scylla, Tavara, Elder Diones, and the Inner Brotherhood. (Of course, you'd have to add more enemies and make it harder that it is in the game; this might be done by finding out what happened to Diones). In the TS they could find the Cult still exists. Actually, with all the ideas there are right now, it'd probably be better to do this as a chronicle.

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    In the TS they could find the Cult still exists.
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    That's pretty much what the Sorcery Tower was... sort of. They were allied with the tyrant. That was a TS that Slayer started. Look for it ending around March/April of 2002. Basically, the heroes of the day set off from the Alraecian Tavern (haven't used that phrase in forever...) to seek the cause of a magical disturbance. Then they went to the mountains to find it, and found a tower of the Tyrant's Mages against the other mages that had hidden themselves away. I used that story as my entry to these boards. For a little bit of follow up on that, do a search on Bane, Cache's TS which followed, incorporating some of the same story.

    Pallas: Sorry about no link, (the first time and now), I'm lazy, and it's late.

    Do searches on: Sorcery Tower and Bane

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  • I always thought the Sorcery Tower was something found in the mountains up north, as opposed to the ruins of Abydos. Maybe I was wrong.

  • No, you're right, but the cult was also up north.

  • The cult was up north allong the western shoreline. I didn't really finding anything there :( .

  • NOTE:
    The following may be considered a spoiler by some.

    Did you find the Sword of Heroes? It is one of the southern rooms (the one with the fountain, I think) with a secret passage in the wall; it is the sword on the ground.

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  • I know that the sword is there, and I'm trying to find it. (Please don't give me exact instructions)

    Anyway, I found the ghosts. They don't really say much. Actually nothing at all. (Big Suprise)

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