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    Poll: Should the STS be tried at least once or not all? (9 member(s) have cast votes)
    Should the STS be tried at least once or not all?
    Yes, put it to the test
    (7 votes [77.78%])
    Percentage of vote: 77.78%
    No, don't try it
    (1 votes [11.11%])
    Percentage of vote: 11.11%
    Don't care
    (1 votes [11.11%])
    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

    For information see this topic.

    As some may know, a little bit ago, an idea for a new kind of TS was proposed by Desert Fox. I am not sure if anything concerning it was agreed, but I am starting a poll to find out what everybody thinks. Please read the other topic first!

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  • I'm not going to vote for or against it because the idea has both merits and drawbacks. I just know my schedule changes so rapidly due to university work, that I probably won't be able to keep posting consistently at points - hence my current fluctuations. I'll likely have to sit the STS out.

  • Before I vote:

    Is the time limit of every other day permanently set and unchangeable? I usually get a post up once a week, whenever I take the time to type one. Therefore, it would be difficult for me to get one up so often. However, if it is permanently set, I could probably write short (really short) posts in the time restriction, but I would prefer a certain answer before I make a decision.

  • heh, albeit I was the one who proposed it, atm id have to decline starting it.

    My schedule, while not fluxing, will be tossed to the wind by the actions of my computer. Tis bein a pain in the ass, so I tend to err from it instead of diving into it full force.

  • I would be able to post most nights, I like this idea. How ever, you would need a good story for it to continue without being a whole heap of posts detailing methods of travel.

  • After a month, I'll see what the results are, but more people need to vote. I have an idea for a trial STS, but I don't think I'll reveal it until there are more results.

  • Hmm 6 posts(counting mine) and four votes...I thought there were more ppl...
    6:4 strange raito (not really)

    -Dark jet

  • Well, if I get three people willing to try it (really only two, as I plan to be one of the three) and at least one more vote in the affirmative, I'll try one.
    If you want to participate in the test STS and the upcoming TS, I will require at least one post a week on the TS in addition to the STS requirement. This might seem harsh, but I don't want to draw people's attention off of the TS for something that should last about two weeks. (Of course, you could do the STS first and then go to the TS.) If your time is too limited, I will accept a post on the TS in place of an STS post.

  • The TS being the current one, Echoes Of the Past?
    I thought it was almost at a conclusion...

  • It is. As a matter of fact, Avatara has the closing post written, but he needs to run it by Desert Fox, who is starting the next TS. I expect Echoes to be done by the end of the week (if not tomorrow). Then, DF will start his TS right away. There will be no break to the tavern. His TS is the one that I am referring to.

  • As a matter of fact, the post has been up for two days - its just invisible, because it needs work...something just doesn't seem right. :(

  • sounds interesting, can i join?

  • Yes, it is open to anyone, so long as they join within the first four to five days. I want at least three to participate in this trial run. Once, I have at least three confirmed and on opinion on the idea below, I'll start the story.
    (Remember, this particular STS is going to have a requirement to post in the TS at least once a week, if you wish to participate in both. You can replace one of your STS posts with a TS post once per week.)
    I think that I shall explain my idea now. If people don't like, we'll try something else.
    First of all please read this topic. It sets up the setting that I have in mind.
    The STS would take place hundreds of eternities (in Cythera time) before Cythera was formed (I don't think anyone but myself and a few others-none that I know of in this topic-has a character that old, so it'd require making a new character just to test it). It would tell the story of part of the war between the Chimaera and the Death King. Characters could be servants of one side or the other, those mentioned that fight in the war but don't know it, people who work for neither side, and even some members of the Chimaera.
    This only a suggestion.

  • I'll join, i just got an idea of whose side ill be on, hmm i could use Kelar... Okay im set, just let me now when it is up, aka email, if i dont already post in it. I might forget and then... any ways Im ready.

    -Dark Jet

  • Dark Jet, if we use my idea and you mean the Kelar mentioned in Character Info, he wouldn't be old enough. I think that he is around 250 years old, meaning this story will have occurred hundreds of thousands of years before he was born. I am not sure exactly how to get in touch with you via email, although I think that I can email you by going to your member profile and clicking send an email.
    This STS will be set soon after the beginning of the war, and, if it works, I'll do two more covering the middle and end.

  • If you're going to set a story hundreds of thousands of years ago, none of the characters for that are involved currently in something else currently (except selax, but he's in another time period) - go ahead and start when ready. Don't wait for Echoes or DF's tale or anything.

  • Well, if everyone is okay with my idea, I think that it will start on the 21st (Sunday) and people will be allowed to join until that Friday.

  • okay. with Kelar i havent figured out when he was born yet, so in theory i could use him. He hasnt been touched except with a brief part in echos, and that was even him.

    Selax: Yes you could do that or email at

    -Dark Jet
    BTW: ANyone got a ladder account for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction?

  • That'd mean in Echoes he's going to be a withered old man. Few people can live to be a hundred years old, few heros live to be a couple thousand, and rarely do Kelars live to be half a million. :p

  • He isnt alive at the time of Echoes, it was a magic hologram thing, created by the guy that tried to kill Talryn. Read the post! besides hes a druid, hes got spells. Altough yes he can make a "immortal" life, the spells would kill him after a while, long before the Death King reappeared.

    -Dark Jet

    oh btw: can i post in the tavern while I wait for something to do?

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