• What's the best way to get experience?

    Hey everybody,
    I thought it would be interesting to open a disscusion about what the best
    way to get experience is (in any one person's opinion).

    For me, I like to hunt scyllas and the occasional Ruffian group, the problem
    with ruffians is that they don't give you enough experince.

  • I just go to either one of the two strongholds and kill everything there a million times over.

  • Killing liches is easy if you ambush them in the door. For a bit of variety I sometimes travel to all the monster spawning places in the game and kill them. That way I don't get bored with just one stronghold.

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  • I kill liches and undead to get experience. Scyllas are easy to kill and give decent amount too, so they are good.

    However, as my charecter gets to higher and higher levels, it becomes much harder.

  • 2 forts?
    And what do u mean kill everything there, once you have killed everything
    it stops spawning, right?

  • There are two Undead Strongholds, and the Undead and Liches respawn. Thus there is always something to kill in there.

  • OOOOOOoooooo
    I thought that you were talking about the ruffian fort.

    I can't get into the inside of the second undead fort.
    DAMN DEMONS!!!!!

  • The second undead fort, as mentioned, is the best place. It has several Scyllas, as well as millions of Undead which gives you a fair ammount of experience. There is, however, practically a "limit". One level (I can't recall which) requires over 100 000 EXP. That is a ton. And it takes a LONG time to collect that much experience, but I needed more Mana.

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