New Easter Egg?

  • While milking out whatever hidden text I could out of the cytherians (e.g. Like aking Paris about ' Gene ral Store') I was suprised to find the response was the following:


    "He was a great man taken before his time, his is greatly missed"

    So far everyone I asked in cythera responded this way...

    ...So on a hunch I checked the Cythera Credits and lou and behold I found a connection:


    In Memorial

    Gene Leonard

    Anybody else notice this?

    ...and yes I searched...

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  • A quick Google search reveals Gene was probably a student at Iowa Lakes Community College, as they have a (url="http://"")Memorial Scholarship(/url) in his name.
    Perhaps a friend of Glenn's or some one else on the Ambrosia Team?


    The Gene Leonard Memorial Scholarships are funded by a trust to provide financial assistance to northwest Palo Alto County and southwest Emmet County students planning to attend Iowa Lakes Community College or any other college. Gene's love for people and desire to make a difference in young peoples' lives was motivation to make scholarships
    available to students in the area of his residence.

    <edit> It could be more likely he was a teacher or such, judging from that.

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  • The text entry box in Cythera dialogue only uses the first word. The General is the former owner of the Sword of Heroes.

  • Actually, it uses only the first four letters. Ask around about "coma", and they won't respond about unconscious people ;)

  • Asking about Anti phus gives you info about antidote.

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