Eternal war: Part 1 (STS)

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    Note: please read this to get a background for this story.

    The first critical point in the Great War has arrived.
    Although the war started several eternities ago, the Chimaera and their forces are still reeling from the initial betrayal and retreat. At least once every eternity, they have been forced to retreat by the seemingly endless hordes sent against them. The end of another eternity is drawing near, the forces of the Death King are mustering for a massive attack on the Chimaera's lines, and, if the Chimaera is forced to retreat again, it is very unlikely that they will be able to continue the war.
    The forces of the Chimaera, composed of various races and led by the Chimaera's greatest servant Detharon, must regroup and find a means to recruit new soldiers. Then, they must hold their lines against virtually limitless numbers of various kinds of evil creatures or lose the war.
    The servants of the Death King must force their way through the lines of their hated foes or face a lengthy stalemate.
    At this point, the war is being fought in the ethereal void for the most part, although it is obvious that it will eventually be fought in many realities as well. The denizens of these realities will 9and some already do) face a choice: join the Chimaera and stand against the Death King, join the Death King and fight against the Chimaera, or stand alone and face annihilation.

    Detharon stood, looking out over the lines of his forces. They had held this position for half an eternity, longer than most other ones that they had held, but morale was low. Their numbers were few and they had not won a victory in a long time.
    Unfortunately, their foes seemed stronger than ever before. Grimly, he looked across the void. In the distance, his sharp eyes could just make out the lines of their enemies, mustering for an all out assault. Sighing, he turned. Detharon was big. Standing eight feet tall, he was broad in the shoulders and deep in the chest. A pair of beautiful wings stretched across his back, extending several feet. He had a gold colored face with blue and silver hair. Detharon wore gold armor and carried a sword of gold color. He was worried but hopeful. His masters seemed powerless to help their armies, but he was sure that they would think of something.

    In the blackest part of the void, the Death King sat upon his large throne and considered the situation. Things were going well and soon he would lauch his attack. But not just yet. . .

    Even though the lines seemed quiet, the forces of the Death King and the Chimaera were clashing
    throughout the void and in several realities. A nonstop battle was being fought even while the major armies prepared for decisive combat.

  • “We the Harlequins offer you our help for the last time,
    Reject it and we will be forced to join those of the other side,
    Accepted it and let it be known that 300 fully trained Harlequins are at your will,
    Make your decision.” Demanded the great Harlequin.

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  • Kelar stood staring at a recently made cave. He looked to be about 25, but he was acutally 253. His yellow eyes didn't stand out that much from his dark tanned skin, he ran his fingers through his silver hair, feeling his sweaty forehead. He sat down and pulled out a torch and lit it, setting it in the entrance to the cave. He then took his pack with him back to the forest that lay a few milies away, on the other side of the desert mountain.

    This is the only desert patch on our world, strange, and now there is this new cave which almost never ending darkness comes from... Kelar walked into the forest, taking off his thick grey cloak, and readjusted the simple shirt he wore beneath. His brown pants and green shirt didn't stand out much from the forest around him. After a little more walking he came upon his villiage. He saw many heading into their tent house, and the little kids playing with some animals.

    A moose walked up behind him, (not as small as the ones on earth) and became a blinding light, which faded shortly after it started, a druid stood in his place. "Greeting Kelar, having fun exploring the new cave?" The two walked into the village and talked. Soon they joined everyone else in dancing and in games. All was happy here, a world only now revealed to the void... (is that too long? i wanted to make sense so i explained...)

    -Dark Jet

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    Detharon had been correct. His masters did indeed have a plan. There were several possible allies which they might be able to enlist. One of these were the Ithraca, a race of reptilian, three-legged, three-armed, and three-eyed hunters. Their home had just been invaded by the Death King, but they were managing to hold their own. The Chimaera needed a plan to bring order to this society, enlist them in the Grand Plan, and cleanse their home before the Death King finished mustering his forces for his final attack. Fortunately, they had one. Another potential ally had been located a race called the Harlequins. If the Chimaera could enlist their aid, they would be able to free the Ithraca.

    The Death King watched the reality that had become open to the void. A race of druids lived there, but his attention was on their shapeshifting abilities. Those he could find a way to make use of in a new kind of soldier. Only a little more time was needed. Meanwhile, another race had been twisted to his purposes—dragons. They had been morphed into dragonwraiths. Now, all they needed was a test run. Smiling, he called for his new servants.

    Another wave of daemons poured into the Ithraca's homeland and set to work on making corruptions of the defiant race. Hideous cat-like animals had pinned the Ithraca in the mountains and were closing in. Time for the Ithraca was running out.

  • Sunset illuminated the mountains with rust coloured light, fading into the north. For many of the Ithraca, this would be the last sunset they saw. By a thousand fold each turn of the hour glass the Death King's minions poured from the void into existence, claw and blade bared. They cut, hacked, mangled and forged their way through the Ithraca lines; but not without strong resistance. The repetillian resistance fighters had a far greater grasp of magic then the Death King had estimated, and were proving problematic.


    The Death King was greatly pleased. His scrying creatures had returned bearing more then just another slave race. Before him, bowed head, stood the Angel of Azrael. Even as the Death King examined this creature, Azrael's quill furiously scribbled. Just as rapidly as the names were added, they were again scratched off the parchment by broken, bleeding fingernails. Azraels wings had obviously stopped beating many eons ago, the weight of the tomb he bore on his back rendering them useless and deformed. The feathers themselves were no more then stems, bristling and flaking. Azraels face was deeply lined in an unnatural fashion, and his eyes were weary and dull, the whites almost the same shading as the pupils and irisis.

    Azrael ignored the Death King, his writing filling the throne room with spider like scratching.
    "Speak wretched creature!" He abhored insolence above all else, and rose to smite Azrael. The scribing Angel looked up, and, for the breifest of brief moments, the writing ceased.
    "What is it you want?" he said.

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    The Death King watched the Ithraca resistance with little interest. Many races had put up such struggles. Now, most were either gone or under his control—for though he allowed his forces some free will and movement, they were ultimately controlled by him. One of most vicious servant races sought to finish the Ithraca. The cat-like Minatsaurs stood eight and a half feet tall, with 6-inch fangs and claws extending up to three feet. It was this race that he was using against the Ithraca, which made for some interesting battles. Still, things were going just a bit too slow. Sighing, he sent an elite contingent of vampires to aid his forces. It had taken him a while to perfect this latest brood so that it could withstand the sun, but the time had been worth it. Soon, the Ithraca would all be forced back into their final mountain stronghold. Then, it would be over.
    Meanwhile, the dragonwraiths prepared for their attack.

    The Chimaera had finally made up their minds. They would ask for the Harlequins help and, if they agreed, send them to aid the Ithraca.

  • Selax: Kelar's village can only become mooses, but hidden in other areas diff villages can transform into diff animals.

    Kelar stood outside of his small tan colored tent, and looked around at the dew that had gathered. He grabbed his pack and walked over to the supply tent, scooped up some rations and then walked out of his village. He came arcoss a moose staring at him, the druid transformed, "Hey Kelar, going back again?"
    "Yep, want to join me, Gital?"
    "sure, lets travel as mooses, it wil go faster."

    The two mooses walked out of the forest and into the desert, it was ood. A ring of forest around a desert mountain. They reached the mountain at noon. Transforming back to druids, Kelar remembered his path to the cave. They walked for a bit, and then saw the burnt out torch standing at an angle, Kelar pulled out his antler bone spear. "Kelar, I dont think anyones here.."
    "If there is now they know we are here." Each lit a torch and carried their spear in the other hand.

    Kelar was the one that stumbled upon the stary "mirrior" first. He looked through, this is a strange mirrior object...thing. I bet it isnt even a mirrior thing. He stared at it for some time, once, he saw a glimpse of a strange figure with some "demons" around him. He realized that this was a bad idea staying here...

    The Death King looked through the void, it was that one world, the one that had a burning torch, but this time he saw two druids with torches, one's eyes went wide, and moved. Before the Death
    King could see further, the void shifted.


    "come on Gital! we need to go." Kelar said grabbing his pack and his torch. Gital lead the way out of the cave, transforming while running. The two now galloped back to the forest. Kelar had stopped for a moment back there to seal the entrance. "I need to speak to the people of the village."


    "Send a scouting party, see if that world is with the Chimaera." the Death King said.


    "I propose that we, being the closest to the mirrior thing, or void as I would call it, become a Order that is bound to stop anything that comes through." Kelar said, standing.

    Gital rose from a sitting postion, "I agree, how about we be called the Blue Traken Order, after all we can transform not only into normal moose, but a Traken moose. Any objections?" There was silence. "I propose that some one goes to warn others of this discovery."

    "I will go." repiled a druid who started to stand. "I know the risks, but I will do my job."

    "Very well, good luck Talek." Kelar said, then the village meeting was ended...

    Selax: hope this isnt too bad, but i wanted them to get involved send the chimaera in later, after say the first two battles.

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    On Kelar's world the sealed entrance to the cave shuddered. After a few seconds, it shuddered again. Then, a steady pounding began, until the entrance collapsed completely. Standing in the cave was a massive daemon with magic crackling around him. Behind him were several other daemons, about 3,000 or 4,000 undead, and behind them crouched several massive dragonwraiths. The daemon cast a spell that revealed the nearby land to him. He discovered several villages of druids situated near the forest. After a few minutes of thinking, the daemon sent most of the undead to hide back in the cave. The others, along with the daemons moved into the forest. Once they were safely hidden, he cast a spell to prevent the druids from detecting them. The dragonwraiths vanished into the sky, waiting. Checking to make sure that all was ready, the daemon plunged his hand into the ground. A wave of corruption flowed out, killing several trees nearby. A wave that the druids would feel. They would then rush here and fall into his ambush.

    Around the Death King's dark throne, millions of hideous creatures gathered, preparing to scour the void of life.

    Several undead forces rushed at the lines of the Chimaera. This was obviously not the main attack, but merely a probing for weak spots.

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  • Gital was hidden nearby, and saw several trees just fall down, and for a second he had seen a demonic hand thrust into the ground, a disturbance in the air was felt, he new it was an amubsh, so thats what he would make it be.

    The druids of the Blue Traken order, became one with the forest, movnig and not being heard or seen, they had surronded the group and Kelar, as a Traken moose, being about 11 feet tall, came walking in, mind his own bussiness, eating tiwgs. Then he saw the deamons appear, he roared, and nocked down the first row of undead sent at him.

    Four druid hid there mana as they casted spells waiting for the air creatures to appear. They did and they took down two dragonwraiths, before the others saw the spell, the last two turned corporeal(or what ever it was) and the ice bolts went right through. The undead began to focus on the Traken moose, the trees from three other directions began to shudder and fall out of the path of another creature. Three more Traken Mooses charged in, help Kelar.

    Gital threw a spear, hiting the lead daemon in the leg, It just roared and pulled it out, turning invsible, but little did he no, now all the hidden creatures around him were visible (and him) to the other hidden druids...

    Selax: These guys are pretty strong, so it may seem unfair but its pay back time:D not really but the first battle they when, then they will move to the void, and spread the forest to it using magic, and they will watch. If u want more about my idea use the board's message system thing.

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    The Death King watched the battle with avid interest. The druids were quite strong and would prove an interesting study. The forces lost would be neglible. However, the druids would soon have something to think about. Some of his elite magic wielders touched their hands to the sides of the portal and began chanting. The portal began to grow until it swallowed the cave, when it stopped. The view was left open, but only a creature native to the void could detect a slight illusion. The world of the druids was newly opened to the void and they would be unable to see correctly into it. He let loose a bonechilling laugh, as he turned back to Azrael.

    Howls, warcries, and desperate orders echoed over the battle field. The Ithraca were surrounded and rapidly giving ground despite their leader's desparate attempts to keep them in order. The Minatsaurs closed in for the kill, roaring at the thought of blood. The vampires were sweeping through the center leaving nothing but death in their wake. Already, many Ithraca were dead and some were being raised as zombies to kill their brethern. The Ithraca leader realized it was hopeless and gave the call for retreat up the mountain and into the stronghold.

  • There leader looked in dismay at the battle, befor turning to run to the stronghold.
    as his was going a call from one of him made him turn.
    blades about 300 of them had appeared in mid air and were masercareing the enemy.

    The death king watch through a portal in anger. hundreds of people had appeared in the assassins plain. they were going to be trouble,
    "Dispatch a flock of drogon wraiths" he demanded,
    "Yes master" said an imp and scurried away,
    this would stop them at least for a while he thought.

  • The vampires drew back and then threw some sort of powder. It landed in the middle of the blades and with a pop the figures holding the swords came hazily into view. The army regrouped and charged but, just before they could reach the fighters, a portal opened in the air and hundreds of Chimaeran forces poured out, with Detharon in the lead. The Ithraca charged out of their fortress fighting with renewed vigor. At a silent command, the vampires turned and disappeared and the rest of the evil army began to retreat slowly. The Death King watched impassively. He had a plan and was not too concerned about the way things were going. Throughout several realities, he would soon be ready to trigger his plan. He laughed again.

    On the druid's world, the Death King's scout party was mostly dead. The lead daemon was hiding just inside the portal, attempting to heal his wound. He heard a noise behind him and he turned. A tall figure wrapped in a black cloak stood before him.
    "Miserable failure," it said and grabbed him. It said a word and the lead daemon howled. There was a bright flash and the burnt remains of the daemon fell to the ground. After staring out the world before it, the figure vanished back into the shadows. Soon, he would be called to fulfill his dark master's wishes, but not yet.

    The Chimaera was in session. Despite the way things were going with the Ithraca. Something was wrong. They could feel strange eddies in the void and, worse, could not find their origin. Something was going on, but there was no way to find out what.

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  • Azrael continued writing, but his attention was clearly fixed on the Death King.
    "Go to the main portal and await my instruction, my plan will soon be ready shortly and you, my friend, are going to have a job to do."

    Azreal nodded, he wings feebly beating, as they must have done majesticly in his past life.

    Soon, very soon now the Death King would have what he wanted.

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  • The Ithraca and their allies pushed the Death King's forces back. They were greatly encouraged as the evil army continued to give ground before them. What they did not know was that they wre playing into the hands of the Death King. He watched as the battle raged.
    Contemptible , he thought. Even if they won and were able to continue the war into a stalemate, he didn't care. It would give him a chance to grow and perfect his army, besides he was certain that, no matter what happened, he would win the war. At the moment, his plan was unfolding perfectly. Rather than pour more forces into the fight, he had decided to let them defeat themselves.

    The figure watched as the druids eliminated the last of the scouting force. His master had promised him his time. It looked like that time was nearly here. Around him, daemons and vampires were hidden, waiting.

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  • The Druids of The Blue Traken Order celebrated for about an hour then moved to the edge of the forest and started to expand the forest twoards the mountain. Kelar stood and bowed when he saw other druids, some carrying a red flag others yellow, purple, magenta.. "Greetings, Druids of the Bear, Wolf, Eagle, and the others. Our plan right now is to currently expand the forest to the void, that way, we know exactly when anyone steps into, our flies out into our world."

    Gital Raised a blue flag, and the druids walked over to about half way from the forest and the desert mountain. Gital, Kelar, and all of thee druids were impressed on how many where actually here. There were about 1000 druids standing. All sat down and started to cast. The forest, at first slowly began to grow, but after a few minutes, it rapidly grew, till the mountain was surroned, and palm trees where at the entrance to the cave that held the void, so if anything tried to fly, they would shake, alerting, if not the already alerted druids.

    The Orders took watch, first up it was blue, then yellow, then orange, then purple, then red, then magenta, and so on.

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    As one of thr druids was going off watch, he noticed something strange. A slight glow hidden back in the trees. Curious, he went to investigate. Suddenly, he stopped, with a look of horror on his face. There was another portal behind the druids. He turned to run and warn the others, but something grabbed him from behind. He opened his mouth to yell, but something said a word and he was instantly incinerated. A massive figure stood there. It was his potent magics that had made this rift invisible to the druids. Now, it was time to act.

    A blast of power erupted from the portal on the mountain, flattening the trees. The druids tensed and readied themselves for combat. From the portal emerged 5,000 bipedal, bear-like creatures that moved as if perfectly at home within the forest. Following them were 500 daemons and 300 dragonwraiths. Behind the druids, the figure waited, hidden for a little while longer.

    The Ithraca and the Chimaera's forces had managed to push the Death King's forces back to the portal from whence they had come. In front of it, a group of casters was protecting a crystal that seemed to be holding the rift open.

    The Death King watched. Soon, very soon.

  • "Gital you lead the Bue order, I have something to do." Kelar said, pulling out his weapon and running into the forest. this is the place....oh well here it goes "Show yourself!" Kelar looked around, waiting, then just sat down.

    The Blue order focused on the dragon wraiths that started to kill many druids. Many druids transformed into animals, most being a taller version, (like a traken moose, being 11ft, and a normal, being about 6 ft?). Gital starred in wonder, and attacked at the same time, it was only the second time he had seen the druids becoming very tall animals, fighting. The first was when the druids were trying to kill each other.

    Gital casted a ice bolt at the dragon wraith right infront of him, causing it to disappear, then it charged. Gital threw his spear at it, causing it to disappear again, then he walked practially right infront of its face, it turned corpeal, then fell to the ground, dead. Gital pulled his spear out of...its heart area.

    The battle ever changed, at one time the Death Kings forces were wining then, the druids, and so on. Kelar continued to sit near that figure, waiting for it to appear, and a real fight begin.

    -Dark Jet

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    When all of the druids were engaged around the first portal, the trees behind the second portal suddenly uprooted themselves and, corrupted by dark magics, turned into massive, moving monsters that bore down upon the druids. Out of the portal poured several hundred hideous six-legged creatures. Their hides appeared to be covered with armor plates, they used four legs to walk on, and, with the other two, they attacked using talons and tentacles. Behind them the figure appeared. He was twelve feet tall, wrapped in a black cloak. Beneath his hood, one could catch a glimpse of yellow eyes.
    In a voice that sounded like wind whistling through a graveyard, he said,"Slay them in the Master's name."
    Seemingly supercharged by the figure's prescence, the Death King's forces attacked more fiercely than before.

    The Death King watched the events that were transpiring with pleasure. Soon, his plan would come to fruitation.

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