Party Members

  • How can you get more? Spells?

    I was just wondering how many party members you can get, and who?

    Also, can you teach Timon spells?

  • So far as I know, the only party members that you can get are Hector, Meleager, Aethon, and Timon. You also get Ariadne and Dryas briefly.
    I think that Timon has spells that you can tell him to use just like a normal attack. I don't think that you can teach him new spells.

  • Aethon?

    Also, recently I was in the basment in the Pynx.
    Melanger died and I revived him. But I forgot to talk to
    him to get him to join again. So I realized this, right after
    I moved a little ways away, but I couldn't find him! :(

    Anyone have some ideas?

  • One time I left Hector and Mellanger and when I came back Hector was still there. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to look down there again. He might be gone, but he might not.

  • Well, I already looked down there, found nothing, so I started a new game.

    It is fun.

    By the way, Golems, in my opinion are some of the worst mosters in the game.

  • I've found that if one of your companions goes missing, look around where you lost them for a bit, then go back to where they origionally join you. Generally (if they are not dead) they will respawn there after a while.

  • Wow, that's good to know! Thanks! Not that I've lost anyone in quite a while, but just in case.

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