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  • ts story joining

    Poll: should we do it or not (7 member(s) have cast votes)
    should we do it or not
    Yes put it to the test.
    (3 votes [42.86%])
    Percentage of vote: 42.86%
    No dont do it.
    (2 votes [28.57%])
    Percentage of vote: 28.57%
    Dont care.
    (2 votes [28.57%])
    Percentage of vote: 28.57%

    Hey this was just an idea,
    i was wanting to know if once this sts is writen,
    i could go through it patch it up add on to it and change it a bit,
    to creat a real story of a like.

    ps if this poll is wrong sorry,
    but its my first time

  • What do you mean exactly? Turn it into a chronicle or a TS?
    If you mean transform it into an orderly chronicle and put it in the Cythera Chronicles, by all means. I'd like to preview it first though, by means of the personal message system.
    I don't think this could be turned into a TS. (For one thing only moderators can edit other people's posts.)

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  • People used to post versions of TSes from the perspective of their characters in the olden days - look back to the beginning of the character archives.

    They also have discrepancies because they didn't run them by the original story creator. You could probably get away with bypassing Selax if you really wanted to, but he might send stuff to hunt you down or something. I don't know, its up to you.

  • You'd probably want to get permission from all who would participate to use their characters, and you'd probably want to give credit to any participating member in it. You could post it as a chronicle and make editing changes to a participant's character if they request it.
    At any rate, I'd still like to be able to preview it.

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  • yes like a chronical, thats what i ment,
    and look i dont need to edit your posts i would just copy and paste them if its possible.

  • Sure, i give you permission to use my character for this.

    -Dark Jet

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