Lich Building?

  • What is the building in the mountains?

    I don't have any idea what the building in the mountains is. Mellenger (is that how it's spelled?) keeps getting killed, so I can't investigate for very long. What is it???

    As a side note, why do enemies always target Mellenger (?) first?

  • NOTE:
    Some of the following might be considered by some to be a spoiler, if you haven't beaten the game. Although, none of the following is essential to winning the game.

    The buildings in the mountains are commonly called the "undead strongholds". It is in the second of these (called the "disappearing stronghold") where Tavara (the mage who led the settlement to Abydos) is located; he has turned himself into a lich. (To get into this stronghold without it disappearing, you have to go through the first stronghold and take the diamond ring you find there.)

    On Meleager, what level is he and the rest of your party? Does he have the gauntlets, do you have the Sword of Heroes, and is your party equipped with the strange helmets? I don't know why they target him, maybe something in their attack programming. I find a good idea is to enter the stronghold; go down the hall; kill the lich (just a warning in case you don't already know, liches reappear); go down the stairs, kill the lich and golem there; take the purple ball and use the bed to get full health; then go down the hall; kill the lich in the room (avoid the other lich in the cell corridor); take the ring from the coffer and use the bed; (you will probably need the above items before doing this next thing) go to the room at the end of the hall; kill the daemon and read the books; go down the hall; kill the golems; and there should be a way out from there.

  • I'm not that good at cythera, but I do know that
    you can't get a good night's sleep in any bed.

    Does it say that you sleep soundly in the bed in the

    What method do you think is most effective for killing liches?

    I use death strike but I run out of magic a lot.

  • No, you can't sleep soundly any bed but yours in Land King Hall; however, as far as I can tell, there are no harmful effects from sleeping in a bed that you can't get a sound sleep in.

    As I recall, Death Strike doesn't work on anything but objects such as doors, not on people, undead, or liches. I have found that the most effective way to kill a lich is to have a strange helmet and use the Sword of Heroes or the gauntlets (these work best on Meleager). This is also the best way to fight a daemon, as these are just about the only weapons that seem able to hurt them (I don't know about the mystic spear).

  • Where do you get the sword of heroes?
    I have some strange helmets from the ruffian fort.

    Also, I can hurt liches with my sword, I have
    had it improved about 4 times, or was it 5?

    edit: It's a normal sword, if you ignore the
    magic plusing.

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  • NOTE:
    This post contains a link to Slayer's Guide to Cythera which contains major spoilers!

    You can find out how to reach the Sword of Heroes and other items under the "guide to the unique items of Cythera".
    Slayer's Guide to Cythera

  • Gamerman, on Nov 9 2004, 09:54 PM, said:

    What method do you think is most effective for killing liches?

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    Wait for the lich to walk into a space in a doorway, and then close the door (use it) with them standing there, this will make them unable to see you, rendering magic useless. They aren't as hard when they can't cast spells, but this only works when you are on the east or south side of a door.

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  • Thanks for all the good ideas :) . I sometimes use Death Strike also, but I can kill Liches with my sword, which is how I kill them most of the time. Do the Strange Helmits protect you from magic or something? Does the Mystic Helmit do that too? I don't seem to be effected by any spells they cast, other then Lightning and I'm wearing the Mystic Helmit.

    Also does the Terrorize Staff (The one that can be found in the mushroom room in Cademia) effect Liches?

  • I am not sure about the strange helmets. I think they do protect against magic to some degree. Regardless, Slayer's Guide says that they are the best defence against liches and daemons. Maybe the Mystic helmet helps, but I don't know. At any rate, you can give your men strange helmets, if they don't have them.
    I don't know about the staff.

  • Thanks for any information you can give me. I'll give Melanger the Gauntlets. ;)

  • Is there anywhere that I could get training with a spear so that I could use the Mystic Spear?

  • If you mean to keep it from to sticking to the target, I don't think it is avoidable. I don't know about spear training; I haven't found anyone who could. I think all spears are usable without training.

  • I took the ring, but the second stronghold still wont appear. Is it because I frogot to take the purple ball?

  • Did you put the ring on your character? You have to wear it every time that you enter the stronghold. Once inside, I think it can be removed.

  • I didn't put it on. Douw!

    I really should have though of that!

  • I got into the second stronghold, but Hector and Mellenger wont follow me around the central area to the second door. They just walk back and forth getting shot at by undead. I've killed the Scyllas, but there are too many undead. :(

    Anyway, it's good that I could at least get in.

  • I don't quite understand what you mean, but here are a couple of answers:

    Trying to get past the sandy islands to fight the undead
    Do they stand their and say phrases such as: "Die", "Take that", or other variations? If so, then they are getting stuck in their "attack mode", in which they stand there and do nothing.

    It can be a trying task to get them to come all the way around, but there is a solution. It is the "r" key, I believe, that means "regroup". This will make them follow you again instead of just standing there. Everytime they get caught, try pressing "r" and slowly leading them around each island. It should work if you try at it long enough.

    Past the islands and fighting the undead
    In the bar at the bottom that shows the portrait of you and your party, select the "attack" under Hector and Meleager, one at a time. I don't exactly remember where on the portrait that part is, but there should be something that lets you select something for each one to do. Once you have chosen "attack" click on a target, and whoever you told to attack it, will. That is the best way to exercise command over who or what your men attack. Be aware, that the undead will reappear. Each time you walk around the secondary-inner room, the undead will return, but there are more dangerous things in the stronghold than mere undead.

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  • Yeah, I met the demons.

    It's a good thing that they don't reappear or I'd be in trouble.

  • Dang, that lich building is hard!
    Not only can I not get inside of the thing, but I don't think that I could kill
    whatever is in there.

    Has anyone killed the demons?
    If so how did you do it?

  • This should work against the Demons:

    Death Strike one, and finish it off. Then Directed Nexus back to Land King Hall. Continue until all four Demons are dead.

    I haven't tried it yet, so it's not 100% foolproof. Keep Saving. :D

    Note that Death Strike (I'm sure of this, unless there were two demons on top of each other) doesn't do enough damage always to kill a demon. Just attack a few times after you cast it.

    And Gamerman, try getting your charecter's hit points up. If you can only survive a couple of Lightnings, you're in trouble.

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