Crolna Mystery

  • Is there more to the story?

    Im new, and I was wondering if there is any story behind the crolna. I want to know it's origin, if any.

  • Welcome to the boards! It's always good to see new people coming to Cythera. I hope you find it worthwhile.

    Warning: Some of the following material might be considered a spoiler.

    To my knowledge there is no official background. I don't know its origin or why it's in pieces. However, I believe that Charax (the freemage who works on alchemy alone in the wilderness above Pynx) tells you what it does at some point in the game. Its corruption did drive the Seldane from Maayti. It is very powerful, and perhaps very important to Seldane. You could try to ask around about it in Cythera and see what answers you get. Beyond that, I don't know.

    You could consider writing a chronicle about it sometime.

  • thanks, ill try.
    by the way, what's a chronical?

  • First off: Welcome to the boards, Master Kudo.
    Secondly, a Cythera chronicle is a work a short story about Cythera. For examples, see the Cythera Chronicles board (this is where chronicles are posted).

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