Cythera's IRC thing

  • What sever is it?

    Whats ambrosia's sever thing so i can go into cythera's channle?

  • I quote from Talos's #cythera topic under pinned topics:


    Server: Click on the 'Select...' button. Then click 'Add...'. In server name, type in ' ' (no quotations). Leave port set to 6667. Finally, click on the network pop-up menu, scroll down to the bottom, and select '€none'.
    Nickname: your preferred name, less than 9 characters
    Username: your preferred name, of any length
    Real Name: some other name. It can be seen by other users by a /whois, so don't put in your real name unless you want people to see it.

    To save your changes, press the 'OK' button. Also, go to 'File->Save preferences' so that you won't lose the settings you just made if the program crashes.

    3. Connect to #cythera: If it's not selected, reselect the first connection, the one you changed, in the Connections window. Then, click on the 'connect' button at the bottom of the window. The icon to the left of the connection should flash a few times, until it turns into a blue and a red arrow, in opposite directions. This means you're connected.

    If it's not open, open the 'inputline' window ('Windows->inputline'). This is how you communicate with the channel. To join a channel, type in: " /join #whatever " (no quotations), and whatever being the channel you want to join. So, to join #cythera, type:

    /join #cythera

  • The topic is pinned...

  • but there is no "none"

  • Huh?

    Try the bottom of the list.

  • its not there

  • You should be more descriptive, what's not there? What are you trying to do? What client?

  • The little "none" thing that has to do with what sever it is.

    Avatara: ill talk with you if you still dont understand over aim.

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