Tomb (dead board)

  • God this Webboard seems to have died out completely.
    it seems it is completly devoid of life....... what the hell happend?

  • Not sure but it might have something to do with the time of year, I only joined in March so I am not sure if it is normally like this , it may also be that there isn't all that much to post in, still waiting for DF to start the next TS as he said he had an idea. Other than that the only thread that has been active is the stealing thread.

  • I dunno, Cythera is kind of an old game.

    I like it but don't play it much anymore. Maybe it is getting ready to burn out...

  • Fooooxxxxxx....

  • I have an idea. A TS set years before Cythera even existed; for most people it'd require making new characters. It'd be Eternal War: Part 2 (a TS instead of an STS) set midway through the war when everything seems to be drawing towards a stalemate. The only real objective I can think of is: choose your side, your character, his or her location at its beginning and then kill the enemy, although this might give a chance for a lot of character and sidestory development.

  • By the way, there have been periods where there was much less activity here. At times there were only one or two topics up and some of those hadn't been posted on in a while.
    Anyway, what about my proposal?

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