Echoes from the Past (TS)

  • Two Dragons, One Destiny...

    The group set out from the tavern, passing through the Cademian market, which was just now beginning to teem with life. People were rushing about, setting up their wares in anticipation of the crowds that would rampage through later in the day. Further up the street, a city worker was busy replacing the candles in the streetlights.

    The houses and smells of the big city eventually dwindled to a few scattered houses on the hillside as the group crossed over the river and began trudging along the road leading to Odemia. Along the way they encountered another band of stragglers heading south, their clothes ragged, a mixture of despair and awe on their faces. There might not be any dragon, but there was clearly something causing trouble up north. Unfortunately, each had their own version of what transpired. One man claimed a giant black scaly beast with wings had eaten some of their men. Someone else thought it was green, and had four arms. Another claimed the creature was a multi-headed flying hydra sent by the gods to punish them. The fourth man appeared to have lost all capability for coherent communication and just babbled in wordless quivers.

    "What did you think of that?" Theo asked, after the ragtag gang of refugees had vanished.

    "I'd say something horrible must have occured to mess that poor fellow up so badly." Katerei replied with a look of disgust on her face.

    "And we get the joy of finding out what it is." Avatara finished.

    "Whatever it is, we should put an end to all of this," Theo agreed.

    "One thing I haven't figured out, why hasn't Alaric done anything about this? He's the king, and since his health was restored he has formidible power." Katerei's expression had changed to one of concern, "Is something big happening at Land King Hall?"

    "Something is certainly happening, why else would everybody be going to Cademia rather than seeking refuge at Land King Hall?" Avatara left his question unanswered and the group resumed their journey.

    The sun's position signalled it was around noon when they reached the juntion between their road and the path that led south to Catamarca. Given they still had a distance to go to Odemia, and then a more challenging trek through the wild and up a mountain range, the open grassy fields seemed a good place to rest and relax for a few moments.

    Just to make sure, this is the most updated TS cast roster I've got, let me know if its incomplete:
    Avatara (and his "leadership" qualities)
    Katerei (and her blueness, mentally and physically)
    Theo (and his err..."musical talents")
    Talos (and his illegitimate insecurity)
    Dusk (and his unruly beard)
    Talryn (sans his invisible horse)
    Medoc (and his magical door-summoning powers...or something), played by Half Truth
    Savara (and her 4-meter armor thing)
    Moonshadow (and her harp)
    Joru (and his sensei, Draconis)
    Salex (sans his sense of humor)
    Wizard (and his telepathy, but lack of cool X-ray vision)
    The orange ball of fur/Moogle
    Vashnij and Scyrillia (our dual-dragon team)

    and maybe a cameo from:
    theKestrel (and his drinking problem)
    DesertFox and his partner-in-crime Saria
    The Ronin
    and The Death King

    Special guest stars:
    UrSlyph (trouble-stirring elemental that has recently been set loose)
    Kronos (no time to explain this char, sorry)
    A bunch of elementals and such

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  • Talryn stayed on his horse while the others sat around. He pulled out a book and started reading, until the group got back on horse ( or are we on titans?) back. Talryn tucking his book away, said to no one inpatictular (sp?), "Wake me when something big happens or its dinner time." He then fell asleep on his horse (he is riding one).

    "Ahh, the signature, The One signature, TO RULE THEM ALL!" (url="http://"")

  • Bright. Urgh. Kestrel rubbed his sleep filled eyes, smelling the dubious nature of the room which surrounded him. Scratching his head as he rolled out of bed, he ruefully wished he had hit the sack earlier, or at the least, had the presence of mind to close the shutters. Chuckling at his muddled misfortune, he finished packing his things, strapped his sword on, and prepared to leave town.

    Riding out of the stable, Kestrel considered what great burdens lay before him. With a big grin, he chuckled to himself, knowing that he didn't have any big burdens. Thinking it had been a long time since he had seen the coastlines to the north, he jumped forward with his horse, enjoying the late morning cool and a gentle breeze.

    Growth through the Cross.

  • The 4 meter high adamantium aarmour loomed above savara, casting a large shadow over herself and a unconsience black smith and magician.
    She scaled up to the armours back opend a hatch a climed in, as she steped into it she felt a magical force close around her body, her vision went blank for a moment, and it came back a few minutes latet, 4 meters above the ground. her body felt huge like it had grown ten times "ah the wonders of magic" she sighed giggerling at how loud her voice was. Now time to catch up to the others. "ooc" lage subtle hint!" "bic"
    Savara began running towards the departed party.

    we are born for darker purpose than that of mere existence,there will come a time when the stygian night never ends,where dead stars will spread before us like islands that slumber on the ocean, and when the beings that hid like shadows will feed on us forever

  • Off to one side of the resting group, Theo was busy with his own odds and ends, not showing anyone what he was actually doing. When he returned to the group, his face was weary but his eyes gleamed as he spoke to Avatara.

    "My apologies for being away, but I have managed to finish that other project whilst we waited for others. I'll have to show it to you when we have some time. Not now, it is getting rather late and I'm not exactly looking forward to the walk and other work in the near future. I need sleep." Theo frowned at the horses wandering around the virile fields which now teemed with activity. This wasn't what he had in mind. It wasn't that he didn't like horses, it was just that the smell got on his nerves after a while. Needless to say, Theo wasn't riding anything. No, his old bones would manage without. Trying unsuccessfully to hold back a shudder, he returned to his enclave to the side.

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  • Talryn went out and scouted ahead, for mostly his own purposes. He came back with a frown. Talryn lead his horse of the trail and dissappear into a forest. "Stay here, dont worrry i'll be back." Talryn muttered. As he turned to get onelast glimps of his horse he cast CloakWalk on his horse. He made sure he could find him again by leaving some very well hidden daggers.

    Talryn walked back to the group and climbed up a tree nearby and feel a sleep.

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  • "Gah! Wait for me!" came a voice from the woods.

    Several seconds later, a man emerged at the site.

    "Sorry, sorry. Got up a little bit late, couldn't find my scimitar, and..."

    The others looked at him hesistantly. It was Talos, the only recently revealed illegitimate child of the former bartender. Still young, Talos always looked up to his father - now that he was being judged in comparison, he decided to follow in his footsteps and prove himself.

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  • Katerei quickly got over her hesitation and smiled warmly at Talos. "Welcome aboard, then. You're just lucky you found us when we were stopped, otherwise you might not have caught up."

    She stood up and brushed the dirt off her dress. "Speaking of which, are we ready to continue? Everyone seems rested enough. It's only about midday now, but look to our east- does that look like a fog bank coming in? If we make it to Odemia before nightfall and the fog does move in here, we may want to stay there until it clears up."

    Talryn, who had woken up, squinted across the ocean from his perch in the tree to try and make out the misty whiteness over the water. He called down to the others that indeed it did look like a heavy fog was coming in.

    "Right then," Avatara said, nodding. "We'd best be heading off, with due speed to Odemia. We don't want to be caught unprepared in that."

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  • Without further ado, the five (assuming theKestrel and Savara haven't caught up yet) adventurers shouldered their packs and continued onward. The group had a few days worth of food, and some equipment to cook it, to cover for days when hunting would yield little. They had also brought some supplies for a meager camp, oilskins full of water, a pool of a few thousand oboloi for any further supplies graciously provided by Avatara, Theo, and some mangy unconscious drunks who wouldn't have found a good use for it. Talryn and Talos were mounted, the latter "persuaded" into riding the horse burdened with most of the few supplies; everyone else was walking at a decent pace on foot.

    The well-trodden road to Odemia was lined with trees and green foliage, providing some much appreciated shade from the hot sun blazing overhead. Aside from the occasional ragged group of refugees and the intermittent obnoxious whistling from Theo, the forest was filled with sounds of nature suggesting everything was normal. Making good time, the group reached the walled city far ahead of the fog bank that rolled in hours later, as the city lights were lit and dusk settled upon the island. The party stayed in an inn, paid for out of the obol pool, where at least a few of the members enjoyed the last night they'd spend in a bed for an indefinite time.

    Avatara sat up rubbing his eyes, unable to remember why he had woken up so early. Outside, the mist that had swirled in the day before was faintly visible in the streets, creating an ominous ghosty feel. Save for the torches the city provided for civilian convenience and the light created by guard activity on the wall, the night was pitch black. Something inside of him guessed it was around three in the morning and he groaned inwardly, knowing he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now as alertness began returning to his senses. The night air wafted in gently through the open window, and the fresh smell of rain suddenly seemed far more desirable than remaining sitting in this closed room. He dressed and crept silently downstairs, careful so as to not disturb others.

    Avatara stood outside, letting the calm wind blow into him. His midnight blue tunic was tucked into matching leggings clasped by a black belt. A black cloak hung from his shoulders, drifting in the wind. He stood just outside the inn, staring northwest and taking in the quiet of the night and the fresh crispness of the air.

    He had heard the man approach from behind and showed no surprise when the innkeeper suddenly asked "A bit late to be out, isn't it?"

    "I couldn't sleep," Avatara replied without turning.

    "I see," the innkeeper paused for a moment, then hesitantly continued, "I uh...noticed the group you came in with was awful curious about the refugee miners. Are you heading that way?"

    "Yes, in a few hours." Avatara turned to face the man, "If there's anything you can tell us, I'd appreciate it."

    "Just a moment," the innkeeper vanished inside. A moment later he reemerged with two mugs full of a steaming liquid.

    "Seems a bit early for alcohol."

    "This is cider, go on, its free," the man offered one of the mugs. Avatara took the mug, sipped it, and nodded approval. "My name's Merdoc," the man said. He looked to be in his forties, dressed in a greasy white shirt covered in a brown apron. He had a short scraggly beard and a mess of oily brown hair on his head. His potbelly was evidence he didn't travel often. Yet despite his looks, it had taken less than an hour the previous evening to discover the townspeople marveled at his service and his honesty.

    "Are you from around here?" Avatara asked.

    "Sort of, my parents were somewhat strange people, which explains my name. Though they chose a solitary life, I can't see myself being anybody other than who I am," Merdoc gulped some cider down.

    "What do you know about the dragon rumors?"

    "The people you've seen fleeing the dragon are miners, someone recently discovered a fresh vein of a new ore in the northern mountain range and people have come from all over the land to make their fortune. That part itself is somewhat strange, given where they originally found the stuff." Merdoc paused to take another gulp of cider before continuing, "I hear there was a mysterious vale that used to be cursed, covered in clouds and nasty magic and all that, and then not too long ago, all those protective barriers just vanished. Apparently there was evidence of some kind of building there, and among the debris was a strange metal."

    "I haven't heard anything about this metal," Avatara looked up from his drink.

    "That's because nobody knows what it is yet, but its at least as strong as steel, and its got something magic to it. You can tell it apart from other ores by the glistening magenta hue of it. Anyway, the mages at Pnyx got wind of this magical metal stuff and they hired a bunch of miners to go get them enough stuff to experiment on so they can figure out what makes it so special. The mysterious ruins were scourged pretty quickly, not much stuff was there, so for a while things calmed down. Then, one fellow wandering around up north found a few mountains with a whole bunch of it, and that's when the trouble began." Merdoc paused again as he drank deeply. "As far as I can figure out, there's a big black er...dragon that flies down on unsuspecting miner groups, taunts them and then flies away."

    "Taunts them? How so?" Avatara asked, staring intently at the innkeeper.

    "Well, I haven't actually seen it, but from what I've heard, the dragon can talk to your mind. It'll laugh and jeer at you, maybe play with the lives of a few of your companions." Merdoc shrugged.

    "Then if its so dangerous, why don't these miners just stop mining this stuff. Perhaps it can be found somewhere else."

    "That's what I would do, but some people don't think so. What's worse, the dragon appears to be gaining confidence in itself; it has slowly been expanding its area of terror. Recently it started even preying on some of the outlying farms, picking on families, though its main focus is still on those who climb the mountains."

    "And why hasn't Alaric done anything? Why is nobody heading up to Land King Hall?" Merdoc jerked at the question and looked up startled. "What is it?" Avatara pressed.

    "You haven't heard? There's been some trouble with the void, enough that its got everyone up at Land King Hall so worried they've sealed off all access to it. Before they did, there were some strange disturbances around that area, earthquakes, tidal waves, and the like. Now, the entire road to Land King Hall is blocked off, its unsafe." Merdoc downed the rest of his cider and stood up, "I'm sorry I can't tell you more, I really don't know."

    "That's fine, you've been a big help," Avatara handed him his empty mug. "Thank you."

    "Since the road north is blocked, you'll want to take the path northwest to find the dragon. careful, don't go getting yourself killed." Merdoc withdrew into the inn.

    Some time later, Avatara noticed the eastern sky was beginning to be illuminated with the hint of dawn. The fog from the night before had all but lifted, leaving a fresh gleam to everything. Theo staggered out of the inn, grumbling something about snoring.

    "Morning, Sunshine." Avatara sidled up to Theo.

    "What do you want?" he protested.

    "Are you all ready to go? Make sure you're packed, I know you won't mind, but we'll have to leave the horses behind: narrow mountain trails are no place for them. We'll be leaving as soon as the others get up."

  • The door opened and Medoc walked in. "How are you going, I thoguht that you were never going to get here, for a second I thought that you may have just walked past here and kept on going but then I got a feeling and knew that you were here, don't ask about it because you wouldn't understand."

    "How did you get here before us, when did you leave, what are you doing here?" Avatara blurted out.

    Theo just looked at Medoc, then at Avatara and then back to Medoc. "Am I still asleep."

    "Do you feel like you are still asleep Theo. Avatara that is another thing that you wouldn't understand so lets just leave it at that. I will leave you two now to get ready, will be waiting for you two and the rest in the bar." At that Medoc walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

    "Wa?" Avatara said looking at Theo who seemed to be struggling to get out of the bed.

    The mind controls the body, but the heart controls the mind.
    Half Truth

  • Savara lumberd up to odemia, dawn was rapidly aproaching she took a few more steps and sat down outsiide the door exhauested and waited for the wakeing travlers.

    we are born for darker purpose than that of mere existence,there will come a time when the stygian night never ends,where dead stars will spread before us like islands that slumber on the ocean, and when the beings that hid like shadows will feed on us forever

  • Medoc kept his eyes fixed firmly on the ground, deep in thought as he walked towards the Titans Head. The morning in Odemia was beginning; shop keepers put out their signs, the night guards were relieved by their fresh eyed counter parts, and all was well save the odd crowd of adventurers gathering in the inn.
    Crito was in an odd mood, the travelers meant fresh business and good money, but with them came an air of danger, even he knew something was afoot; more so then the Land King Hall being closed off.

    A man in an odd cloak opened the door of the Tavern and sat at the bar, ordering a light ale. His grizzly beard and thin appearance said that this man had been on the road for some time, and obviously has been walking through the mist over night due to his squelching boots.

    Some drinks later Theo had woken up enough to recognize the man, who he thought he knew from somewhere. it was Dusk.

  • Theo looked around some more, things were getting weirder by the minute. He walked over to innkeeper, reminding himself of the difference in names between Merdoc and Medoc. "Morning Merdoc, could I try that grapefruit juice you mentioned last night?"

    "Er... right away. But I doubt it's changed much in the last few minutes, so there is no need to say 'try,'" he said, and bustled off.

    Try? Theo thought, I really must sleep better or my memory is going to evaporate. He didn't admit it to himself, but it was at times like this when the elderly Theo truely felt his age creeping in.

    Once the juice been delivered and drunk, and the rest of the group had assembled and were standing around shuffling from one foot to another (it is a sort of early morning group excersise, if one has never shuffled a foot around before) to get the blood moving, Theo approached Avatara and filled his lungs. "Would you happen to have a spell that would shrink me so that you could carry me so that I could sleep so that I can get my memory back so that I can actually think?" he asked.

    Avatara blinked and stared at Theo as though he had lost his mind.

    Theo rolled his eyes and replied, "Nevermind... it's like asking you to answer me while our igloo is being nailed by raining arrowheads." Avatara's stare didn't change, and Theo guessed he'd have to actually work a little more. Maybe this will at least keep me in better shape , he thought, as he still didn't fully believe in the existance of the dragon. The presense of such beings would have been detected long ago. More likely there was some rogue seldane out for a laugh; a nuisance, sure, but not as menacing as a dragon. Theo leaned on his staff and waited the signal to depart.

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  • "Great, now if everyone is done talking gibberish..." Avatara muttered and looked around. "Nobody has anything else to add? All awake enough to be coherent? Good."

    "That's debatable," Katerei said, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "I might start talking to you about virile fields and yew trees or something."

    "Hey, that's -my- job!" Theo interjected.

    "Well you're not doing it very well, now are you?"

    "Yes I am, why just last night-" he stopped in mid-protest when he saw Talos, Medoc and Talryn all staring at him and Katerei.

    Avatara sighed. "Can't you not argue just for once? We have things to deal with. Like perhaps starting travelling again. Is everyone here?"

    "Everyone plus one," Dusk said, moving into the group. "Did I hear something about travelling?"

    "Ah, Dusk!" Avatara greeted him. "What brings you into Odemia?"

    The ragged man shrugged. "Land King Hall is closed; I had to go somewhere after they kicked me out. Just managed to get through before the road shut down. Lucky I came across you all; where are you heading to?"

    "Well, we're going to look for a dragon in the mountains that nobody is sure exists and nobody is sure is actually a dragon but everyone is deathly afraid of and won't go near except the people that do and get attacked and wander around spreading tales and frightening everyone else, and well...... yes. So we're going to look for a dragon."

    "Now who's not making sense?" Theo said under his breath.

    "Dragons, eh?" Dusk furrowed his brow. "Might as well join you, now that I've nothing else to do. When do we leave?"

    "As soon as possible. We still need to do something about those horses..."

    "They're stabled round the back of the inn," Talryn piped up. "Merdoc said he'd take care of them for a small fee while we're gone."

    "That's right, just enough for their food, nothing more," the innkeeper said, coming around the corner at that moment. "I've just found someone to care for them while you're away. The townsfolk are so glad about someone going to investigate in the mountains that one young man kindly offered to help out."

    "Good, that's one problem solved," Avatara said, and took some oboloi from the pool to give to Merdoc.

    "Let's just hope at least one of you returns to claim them again. Good luck on your journey." He smiled, not unkindly, and re-entered the bar.

    "That's not really encouraging," Talos said nervously. "He doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in us, does he?"

    "I'm sure he's just joking," Katerei said, patting his shoulder. "We're going to be fine- if we ever get on the road again, that is. Any business left unfinished now?"

    "Not if everyone's packed and ready to go," Avatara said, glancing vaguely at the sky. "Looks like good weather for travelling. All right, men- and, er, woman- hope you enjoyed your last night indoors, because you might not get one again for awhile. Let's go."

    Medoc shouldered his bag and eagerly opened one of those strange doors that he seemed to conjure and led the way through, even though they were already outside. He got a few feet through before the others heard him cry out as he tripped over some large object on the ground.

    "What was -that-?" Dusk wondered. They rushed through the door and found themselves staring at a huge metal robot-type thing sitting near the doorway.

    "Yaaagh!" Katerei yelled as the robot moved and accidentally knocked her over.

    "Great start to a journey," Avatara sighed as he and Dusk moved forwards to help Medoc and Katerei up from the ground. "Not even out of the doorway and we get ambushed by some metal thing sitting nearby."

    "What -is- it?" Theo asked, squinting at it, because the reflected morning sun made it hard to look at. "And how did it move?"

    "A suit of armour," a female voice boomed. "What does it look like, a tunafish?"

    "Well actually, I thought it might be," Katerei quipped, dusting off her skirt. "Or a very overgrown tin soldier. But perhaps I'm wrong again and it's an aardvark."

    Theo looked at her sideways. "What's an aardvark?"

    Katerei shrugged. "I dunno. Ask it."

    "There must be someone inside, if it talked to us," Talryn deduced. "Who are you, person-inside-the-aardvark?"

    "It's not an aardvark! And I'm Savara. I've come to join your party," the voice boomed again from inside the metal thing.

    Everyone winced and covered their ears. "Can you please speak more quietly?" someone complained.


    Avatara looked around at the others. "Right. A big metal robot with someone inside that wants to help us look for a dragon. Who wouldn't want one along?"

    "Me," Theo said, raising his hand. "No offense, but it might scare off anyone walking our way that could give us information."

    "And how is that going to get up a mountain path that a horse couldn't get up?" Medoc said.

    "I imagine it would make a new path," Talos pointed out. "Plenty big enough to."

    "So?" Avatara queried. "What's the verdict? Does this 'Savara' come or not?"

    "When fishermen can't make it to sea, they fix their nets."

  • "Why not?" Talos poked the side of Savara's armor, "it seems harmless-"

    Savara coughed. "She. She seems harmless. And she doesn't appreciate it when people poke her."

    "Ah, right, of course," Talos stammered, intimidated, "she's harmless."

    Theo, unimpressed, walked up to the robot. "Prove yourself. If you're going to come along with us, show you have the will - and the way - to back up your words. Or... your voice."

    Savara deliberately approached a nearby tree, extended one of her arms, and with little effort split the tree.

    "It wasn't that big a tree you know, but I think you're probably good enough to come with us," Theo said. The rest of the group nodded in agreement.

    Katerei, getting impatient, asked the group, "Well then. We should be going now, shouldn't we."

  • As the group passed the city gates, they spotted a familiar (at least to some) figure, sitting on a stone by the wayside attuning her harp. As they approached she looked up. "There you are. I thought you'd never get moving." Moonshadow greeted them, glancing significantly at the sky... the sun was already halfway up to the zenith. She looked the new additions to the group up and down curiously, raising a questioning eyebrow at the metal suit, then shrugged, packed up her harp and got up. "Well, let's go."

    Welcome to a world, where you always get the girl; you may lose a fight or two, but you'll win if you get through.

  • The runnels of sweat streaked down Kestrel's dusty face, unstopped by the now thoroughly soaked browband of his battered fedora. His shirt clung wetly to his back, and his backside felt melded to the saddle. Urging his horse up a steeply sloped grade, rocks tumbling loose underfoot, he pulled his hat off and wiped his face on his sleeve. Pausing at the top of the rise, he took a moment to enjoy the new breeze.

    Slinging himself down from astride his horse, he walked a little ways to ease the soreness which had crept throughout his legs. Looking at the vista spread before him, the man known as the Kestrel realized just how much he enjoyed Cythera's beautiful landscapes. Shaking his head at his musings, he climbed back into the saddle, adjusted his hat, and rode on, singing to himself quietly.

    As he rode on, his passing was only marked by the thin thread of words gently wafting through the trees.

    ...tell you 'bout my troubles on that old Cythera trail...

    Growth through the Cross.

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  • Talryn picked up his paced so he walking next to Avatara. He mumbled, "Avatara, im hungry...." Wack Avatara had hit him over the head with his fist. " i'll go scouting then..."

    Talryn ran ahead and started climbing tree/rocks looking ahead on the path then report back to Avatara. After a while he stopped and move to the back and slowed his pace even further. He pulled out his swords and praticed fighting. Five minutes later... Talryn stopped and cast StormCrow. Then he started flying above Avatara.

  • OOC: i'm the friend Jet was talking about, and i'm new to the boards so if you would cut me some slack

    BIC: a young man looking about 16 waited on the side of the trail, seeing the party he hailed Avatara,
    "I heard something about slaying a dragon yesterday in the tavern," the man called,
    "would you mind if i joined your group?"
    "By the way, my names Joru" Joru added feeling follish. Joru walked with the group awaiting Avatara's answer (I will never ride anything, I can run as fast as any horse and they don't like me very much.)

  • Dusk was quickly becoming bewildered. In the way of Cytherian adventures he greatly lacked experience, and being walled off in the Land King Hall for so long had done little to increase his confidence. Virtually no one visited the Land King; there was no real reason to make the long trek at all, considering most crimes were dealt with by the town judges.

    Dusk made his best effort to saunter easily over to the pair and introduced himself casually as the group walked at a leisurely pace.
    Joru smiled and shook Dusk's hand, introducing himself.
    "So where are you from Joru, in Cythera some where?"

    They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian; but no one's laughing now!

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