Echoes from the Past (TS)

  • Talryn faught on with Juro, he was tiring quickly. Mighty Death King, can you grant but some more energy or can I retreat? My Lord? Talryn felt a plusing strenth flow through him, and Talryn jumped to the top of the cave and dodged past Juro bringing his sword, Wrath of Centauri down on Tej's sword. Tej stared in horror as his sword cracked and he managed to dodge a fatal blow. Talryn's eyes started to glow with fire (like in War3 when the demon hunter becomes a demon). WoC started to glow with a vampireic arua, spreading among his liches. liches, connect to me with ur mind take every speel and make a big one, make sure its worth it!

    Tej smiled as Talryn just stood there, obvisouly in deep telepathic connection. Tej saw Juro jump up and bring his sword down in Talryn's back. He just pulled it out and stabbed Tej close to the heart then faught with Juro again, each stroke becoming fast and deadlier. He noticed certain people staring. "You die now!" He roared then swang for Juro's head. It would have worked, had not a undead skull hit his stomach. He stood stunned theny flew tot he roof and out to the DK. "Sorry my lord, but i rather not continue to fight. BUt it would be nice to pratice my skills with yours so I may become stronger and then finally wipe out the betrayers. Thank you mylord." The DK opened some what a mental link showing him his fighting skills, and he faught with some of the demons... The Death king turned his attention back to Mr. Wizzard and the liches under Genral Talryn's command. He wondered which spell would be cast first...

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    The Death King considered the situation. If Talryn continued to prove himself worthy, he could become very powerful. The fighting skills that he had given to Talryn were part of an old fighting style from a dead world that he had absorbed knowledge of. He had long ago discovered that it was impossible for one of his servants (or just about anyone else) to gain enough power to threaten him, so it was not a concern to him how much power he gave them. But with that power came a price; it became much easier for him to read their thoughts and, thus, much harder for them to consider betraying him. Yes, Talryn was ready for an important assignment...
    Talryn, you are to go to the city of Pnyx. There you are to disguise yourself and enroll as a student. Once, you are ready, look for certain groups of students (I will tell you which ones at that time) and begin to turn them from the ways of the Cytheran mages. However, you must keep this secret from the master mages and any others who might interfere, until I tell you otherwise. Some time after you have begun to do this, I will contact you again and explain more to you.
    He turned his attention back to the battle. The dragons were now just about where he wanted them. He smiled.

    Scyrillia let out a startled cry. Three of the daemons had caught her tail and pulled her to the ground. Others quickly moved in to hold her down. She struggled, but the daemons were too numerous and too strong. Vashnij let out a roar and dived to her aid.

    Selax watched fearfully. It was good that Katerei was back but, if this continued, they-and the dragons-would be overrun. Suddenly, he started. The Death King had begun to walk calmly toward Scyrillia. He thought, No. . .
    Aloud, he shouted,"We have to get out of here now! If he touches her, she is doomed! Come on!"
    Without waiting, he flew over the undead, landing on Scyrillia's back. Selax began to hack insanely at the daemons. The rest of the group rushed up and quickly formed a perimeter around the dragon.
    "DF, Wizard! Cast the spell and let's get out of here!"

  • DF sliced upwards, felling the daemon facing him, at the same time as an undead stuck a sword into his side..


    The Wizard's eyes flashed, radiating darkness and white. The spell was now fully ready, and not one second too late...


    A roar, no chant, just a raw roar emerged from The Wizard as he finally let go. Forward went a surge of energy, with rapidly changing from dark energy to light energy. Faster and faster, moving over the battlefiend, spreading over the entire contingent of undead. It spread to the whole of the army before suddenly, it exploded on all fronts, but focused mainly upon the direction the Wizard faced. Then, as a second part of the spell, the Wizard let loose waves upon waves of focused energy, aimed directly at the Death King.


    The resulting blast decimated the bulk of the remaining, and headed directly towards the Death King. The Death King was shocked at first, there was no way that much power could have come his way, and attempted to block the attack.


    Selax looked on incredulously as a massive blast went through the impending forces of undead, disintegrating a massive amount of them, breaking all formation that had been in place.

    The liches, caught up into the storm of the blast, shrieked their horrible tune, and were silenced, leaving nothing behind.

    The Death King himself stood stalwart to the tide of energy, his armor deflecting most of the blast, but still losing way a little bit.

    After a few moments, it was all over, the blast had given a much needed reprieve, and the main of the undead were defeated.

    The only problem, the Death King still stood. His armor a bit warped, his body a bit frazzled, but all in one piece and ready to go.


    The Death King turned towards DF and the wizard and noticed that there had been a secondary pulse, which had destroyed the undead circling the pair. He glared at them when suddenly, he saw DF rise and turn back towards him...


    Ugh...drained, skwered, and torn to shreds, yet im not out yet DF thought as he squared off to face the death king.

    Be aware, your power has waned, dont go doing something foolish The Wizard alerted DF as he saw what the warrior was planning

    We are dead if we stay out here, we have broken a path through the entire army, allowing a way through, but if one doesnt stave off their leader, neither of us will get back DF looked at Wizard I have little strength left, but it still enables me to fight him off, so I will be the one

    The Wizard then handed DF his Shadowsbane back your sword, it should help

    DF hefted his two swords and charged headlong into battle...


    The Death King stopped his march towards the dragons in the cave.

    well now, he thinks he can take me he watched DF as he quickly approached me He was able to destroy my army, but that puts him in a very precarious spot, he is weakened, and he is alone

    Suddenly, DF was there and the Death King was forced to fend off his attacks.

    Slash, downslash, DF's blades were doing their normal work of speed, playing up and down, trying to pry a open spot in his defenses.

    CLANG -slice- THUD chink

    The fight got furious as those in the cave secured their area, fending off the final undead in the cave and setting themselves for the final wave of undead left out of the Wizard's strike.

    DF's Iceblade went flying and suddenly, the Death King thrust his sword deep into DF's armor.

    "Now, DIE" The Death King commanded as he skewered DF

    It wasnt for a few moments that the death king then noticed a pain in his own body, and saw DF's sword thrust up into his midsection.

    "Never give up, never surrender" DF smiled, bleeding profusely he was still able to kick

    DF then turned his sword and pulled out, leaping back and retreating.

    "Try to nail him in the kink I just put in his armor" DF shouted as he ran into the cave

    Once he got in, he fell back behind the line of allies and sat back. Getting out a few tools, DF quickly fixed up his armor so it wasnt impaling him as it was at that moment, and then blissfully passed out, his part had been played.


    The Death King was furious, DF beat such a hasty retreat that he hadnt the chance to finish the vermin off.

    How did that sword pierce my armor DK pondered as he went down to a knee for the moment.

    He went over the series of events in his head, and remembered the weakened spots in his armor caused by the massive spell. He then recalled the shadows that enveloped that sword as if it were one of them. A lucky shot, but still he felt a bit drained.


    Icel's mind and heart siezed up for the battle DF waged on the Death King.

    "The fool, he is going to get himself killed before I can do anything" he muttered to himself "Never thought id have to do this, but I dont see another option" he continued as he started to cast a spell...


    DF's body was glowing slightly, to the amazement of those around him. His wounds were severe, and of them he had many, but they seemed to be healing over faster than they should...

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    Also, do note that many are dead, but there are still several pockets of undead left. The Death King has a decent wound in him, but he is far from done. I just gave him a weakness to aim for :) BiC

  • Suddenly, the Death King disappeared. The group heard a laugh behind them. They spun and saw the Death King, looking perfectly fine, standing in the doorway.
    "Well done. Well done. Now I know what to do with my armies in the future," he looked at DF and continued,"It is too bad for you that, over all kinds of energy, I am the Master. You are fortunate that I went easy on you.
    (OoCHis fighting style and armor are unique. If you wish to discuss this post, please try to catch me on IRC.BiC)
    None of you can kill me. However, I can kill you."
    He laughed again, so loudly that cracks formed in the rocks of the cave. He held up his hand and the group heard a distant roar. They had a feeling that something much worse than what they had just fought was headed for them. The Death King waved his hand and a energy shield formed around him.

  • Avatara carefully walked towards Selax, trying to not lose his balance on the shaky floor. Some small pebbles fell down as whatever the Death King was doing continued to ravage the cave walls.

    "How best can we break through that shield of his?" Avatara asked as he walked up behind the elemental. "You've had the most experience with this guy, how can we kill him?"

    "We should leave," Selax replied.

    "We wha-? You're going to just run away? DF practically gave his life for us to have a shot at killing this guy. If he's as bad as you say, wouldn't this be the perfect-"

    "Something is coming," Selax interrupted calmly. Only then did he turn around, "Something we don't want to face. Get everyone on the dragons, now."

    "But..." It seemed a waste of a rare chance, surely DF's sacrificial act would make a difference, there had to be some way to win, but an uneasy fear was rising up inside him and he began to think Selax was right. He turned away from the Death King, who watched smugly from within his energy shield. Another time...

    "Okay, pack it up, we need to get out of here!" Avatara shouted to the group as began jogging back towards Vashnij. Most were staring at the mouth of the cave, they all could feel it; an indescribable fear from within threatening to engulf them.

    "Hurry up, we need to go!" Wizard shouted out as Joru helped him to his feet. Slowly the group sprang to action, helping the wounded get to the dragons. Saria was frantically trying to get Moonshadow to help assist Desert Fox, who was trapped in some sort of a feverish coma. Yet, Katerei was still standing staring at the Death King.

    "C'mon Kat, lets go!" Avatara grabbed her elbow and started tugging her but she ignored him.

    "What is that thing?" she pointed to the strange glow visible beyond the cave entrance. A stark contract to the fading day outside, an eerie green hue was illuminating the cliff edge and the nearby terrain.

    "Something bad, we need to get out of here!" this time she didn't resist, they both broke out into a dead run towards the dragons. Small boulders began falling from the ceiling, apparently the cave couldn't take much more punishment from the tremors. Theo, one of the last of the group to board the dragons started waving and pointing. "I know the cave is collapsing," he sighed, trying to quench out the rapidly rising fear threatening to drown him. Theo's waving became more frantic and some others began pointing, but they were blocked out briefly by the dust from a boulder that smashed down a distancein front of them. They leapt over the scattering debris, losing almost no time. Vashnij was waiting impatiently, they had almost made it, just a few more meters...

    Katerei slammed her foot down on Avatara's, causing him to stumble forward in surprise, and both of them to fall roughly on the ground. A loud shriek hurt their ears as a blast of bone-chilling air hit them and a white blur raced overhead. As it circled around up ahead, having overshot the group, they got a better look at it.

    It was big and white but ethereal - they could see through it as if it was some kind of ghost. Yet, it dug its claws into the shattered wall to help it whip around at such a high speed, leaving no doubt that it could still cause them serious harm despite its transparent appearance. Something about the long shape made it recognizably familiar, in a twisted way.

    "Its a dragon?" someone gasped.

    That is no dragon! Vashnij rumbled with a mixture of anger and disgust.

    "What is it?" Avatara asked as Theo helped Kat climb up and secure herself to the black dragon.

    Dragonwraiths! Scyrillia hissed. The dragonwraith faced them and let out a battle cry. The air in front of its mouth wavered in a strange ghastly manner. The nearby bodies left over from the battle that had raged moments before suddenly turned a sickly gray and crumbled to dust, as if decades of decay passed by in a single instant.

    Vashnij reared up and let out a roar of his own, unleashing a torrent of searing flame that blasted the people holding onto his back with a wave of heat. The wraith wavered and the fire merely went through it and scorched the cave wall on the opposite side, where it dissipated into a giant burn mark.

    "This way." Selax called out, hovering in the air; Scyrillia and her passengers were already moving towards the entrance. Vashnij turned and jumped forward, carrying the rest of the group out.

    "From behind!" Talos cried out as Vashnij banked sharply. The dragonwraith rushed by, brushing the dragon's exposed underside and leaving behind a trail of gray, dead scales.

    I can't move like this! Vashnij complained audibly as he levelled out carefully so that nobody fell off.

    Up ahead! Scyrllia's voice warned; she was attempting to avoid two more dragonwraiths that had surfaced. Somehow, she managed to twist by them and escaped unscathed. Vashnij, being larger, had a bit more difficulty. One of the dragonwraiths managed to damage his left side as the black dragon breezed past the Death King in his cozy energy shield, and away from the fading cave, out into the darkening sky.

    "Upwards, to the summit," Selax commanded as he landed on Vashnij. The group and the two dragons turned and soared upwards, heading up the large and foreboding mountain.

    The Death King stood on the ledge watching them head up the mountain. Behind him, the magical spell that had held up the failing cave subsided and the roof collapsed, filling the inner chambers with rocky debris and a massive cloud of dust. It had taken some prodding, but now everything was perfect.

    "What's at the top of this mountain anyway?" Theo asked, turning his head while managing to maintain his grip.

    "Something that will help us," was all Selax offered as an answer.

    "Does anyone else find it odd that it took forever for the cave to collapse?" Katerei asked. Nobody responded, but the sickening fear that plagued them retained a presence in the back of their minds.

    "Dragonwraiths!" Avatara called out, pointing beneath them. "More of them this time!" Over a dozen ghostly silhouettes were faintly visible, their glow reflecting off the rocky mountainside beneath them, and it was brightening at a rapid pace.

    Secure yourselves mortals, was Vashnij's only warning before he banked into a sharp dive.

    "Ignore them, we must reach the summit. The shrine there can defeat them!" Selax called out. Vashnij continued his plummet towards the rising wraiths. As they approached, their glow became more and more intense, standing out starkly against the darkening ground. The feeling of fear rose up again as several dragonwraiths let out a challenging howl. Vashnij dove straight at them, showing no sign of slowing. With a roar, he flew right through the wraiths, causing everyone to gasp in shock at a sudden biting cold as they raged past, leveling out only then. The wraiths above began to turn in pursuit, but a burst of flame seared one of them, sending it howling in a plummeting circle as its wings writhed in flame. Scyrillia flew past the dragonwraiths to join Vashnij, and together the two dragons flew upward, attempting to resume their climb.

    Scyrillia let out another stream of flame as they approached the dragonwraiths again, but this time her target wavered and the fire passed harmlessly through. Two dragonwraiths rammed into Vashnij as he flew past them. He managed to slash at one of them, ignoring the biting cold that he felt. The dragonwraith howled in pain and fell below, recovering late. The second dragonwraith managed to latch onto Vashnij, turning more opaque as he did so and forcing both of them into a slow plummet.

    Vashnij attempted to fight back, but he couldn't twist violently without the beings he carried falling off, and his claws were trapped, unable to effectively damage the wraith. The stench of decay overwhelmed him, the weight of the creature was threatening to crash him into the mountain below. The dragonwraith let out a screech of victory; the aged breath narrowly missing his head yet killing a swath of scales on his neck. Vashnij noticed Selax was moving, presumably to help, and suddenly the heavy weight from the wraith vanished. A sharp jolt of cold hit them as they breezed through the now-ethereal dragonwraith and suddenly they were free, flying upwards again.

    He couldn't detect Scyrillia nearby among the tangle of dragonwraiths screeching after him, and for a moment he thought she hadn't made it. That faded as she sent a reassuring pulse from above him; she was nearing the top.

    Something suddenly felt very wrong and Vashnij swerved left, narrowly avoiding a blast of a dragonwratih's aging breath. He thought he noticed more and more of them circling in, and it was all he could do to dodge their deadly fumes and waiting claws that ripped into his flesh. With seemingly no end to them, he strained upward. Above all else, they had to reach the summit. This flight was taking too long, the mortals he carried and the dragonwraiths forced him to take a more gradual climb that looped around the mountain rather than a sharp climb upward.

    Finally, the sharp mountain cliffs and rocky walls leveled out into a more dome-like plateau. Ahead, in the center as promised, the last rays from the sun illuminated some sort of arcane pedestal on a large, circular, marble platform surrounded by five ruined pillars in a star-shape. Those who had ridden Scyrillia had already dismounted and were waving; she was coming back to aid him.

    Do what you must he told the group as he let them down, before plunging back into the air to help hold back the dragonwraiths.

  • Being an elemental, Selax was immune to the unnatural fear. At his age, it took a lot to scare him anyway, but there was no denying the fact that he was getting extremely worried. He landed in the middle of the platform and, bending down, put his hands on it. As the only elemental present, he was the only one capable of using it. Anyone else who tried would go insane.
    Selax called to the rest of the group,"Whoever has the most magic left place yourselves at the five pillars. Wizard has done this before, so he must be at one the of pillars, no matter how much magic he has. He'll tell you what to do. All I can tell you is that this is our last chance but that will be painful to you. Be warned that you and I shall be unable to defend ourselves. Therefore, everyone else must get ready to defend us and help the dragons as much as they can. There is no time to explain, but if this doesn't work, it is quite probable that we shall all die. Unfortunately, this will take some time."

    Far below, the Death King frowned. The shrine had always been a problem for him. But, during his imprisonment, he had thought of several ways to destroy it. The present situation was such that he was certain that he could succeed. At the best, he'd get the dragons and eliminate or even capture the shrine. At the worst, he would at least manage the destruction of the shrine. However, he intended that that wouldn't be necessary. He raised his hand and, above, some of the dragonwraiths broke from the battle with the dragons and dove, roaring, at the group on the platform.

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  • "I will help to defend you all, I am not adept with any form of magic really, just simple light spells and a like. I may not be able to hurt any of the dragonwraiths but I am fast enough to not get hit, I will be a destraction, little more. If this is the only way.. do what you have to do." Medoc said to the rest of the group walking closer to he edge of the shrine.
    He looked down at the dragonwraiths, closed his eyes and started to concentrate, after a few seconds his staff started to glow slightly. "We don't have much time"

    (OOC) Its only a small post but I just wanted to say that Medoc couldn't really use magic. The spell that he casted was a small flame, just to annoy the dragonwraiths. Looks like we are almost at the end of this TS, its been good, lets finish this one with a bang.(BIC)

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    Talryn apeared only a few miles away from Pnyx, he cast a simple spell, CloakWalk. He walked over to a tree, and fell asleep. It had been a long flight for his new wings, and it really had taken it out of him.

    When he woke a few hours later, he moved to the top of a hill and watched Pnyx, although he was invisible he still could be detected so, he lowered the amount of mana being given off. It was his lucky day because, he saw a young kid walk up to the guards, with his friend. Talryn use his new ears to hear everyword being said.

    Two days later.

    Talryn walked up to the guards, in causal clothes, and without his wings, it was hard for him to get used to. "Hi, im Narlyn, (used letters from his name, cause thats what he tought of) and i would like to enroll as a student of magic." .... He was in after some questions and a "scan". Talryn was given a piece of paper which told him where his room was and when he would go to what classes. My Lord, I have finished my journey here, and was just welcomed to the school. I await any new orders, if not I will proceed with the original plan... Talryn tought to the Death King.

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    Tej joined Mr. Wizzard at one of the pilliars.

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  • The platform and the pillars began to pulsate with a red light. The mages felt a slight draining sensation, very weakening but not life threatening. Selax began to glow slightly golden. Above, several of the dragonwraiths were distracted by the flame Medoc had cast, but two soared down at the platform. Roaring, one turned corporeal and swung it's tail at the platform. Suddenly, it cried out in pain and went spinning through the air. Scyrillia and Vashnij had both dived and were attempting to push the dragonwraiths away from the platform. Momentarily distracted, the dragonwraiths pulled higher into the air and prepared to dive again. The red light from the platform began to illuminate the top of the mountain.

  • Selax became lighter and lighter, as the pillars themselves began to emit a golden light. A beam of red light shown from the platform. The power was gathering.

    Vashnij spat a lengthy jet of flame at one of the dragonwraiths. It screeched as it turned transparent. The stream of fire flew through it, without doing any damage. It became solid again. Suddenly Scryllia was on its back, with her teeth trying desperately to penetrate the creatures thick skin. Another dragonwraith flew in and stabbed Scryllia with a very large talon. Vashij dove at it, only to get batted back by a tail. The wraith under Scryllia turned non-corporeal and flew off quickly while Scryllia slid through it and began to fall. Just as the dragonwraith became physical again, Vashnij struck in with a foot, pushing it away from the platform.

    Another wraith dove at Tej. Medoc leapt into the air as high as he could and slashed its side with his sword. It screeched and turned away. On the other side, a dragonwraith flew over Wizard's head, hitting Savara on the way. Being four meters tall, Savara collided with it. As she fell, she kicked at it and sent it flying away. Saria shot an arrow at another that was diving down at the moogle, who was standing at a pillar. Draconis turned into a dragon and lunged for a wraith. He got a small cut on its back before it became nonmaterial. Suddenly, it turned corporeal and slashed at Draconis. Draconis, unprepared for the sudden attack, attempted to out maneuver it. He whapped it with his tail and sent it flying away, but he had taken an injury to his back. Desert Fox, still in the coma, lay on the ground. Saria kept shooting her arrows, some hit, many went right through their enemies.

    Vashnij and Scryllia grouped together again, and dove through a large group of wraiths preparing to attack the pillars. The slashed the wraiths on both sides as they flew through the middle of the gathering. Near the end, a wraith dug a claw harshly into Vashnij's side. Another sent Scryllia twirling away with a powerful kick.

    Avatara cast a nova of frost. One wraith was half-frozen when it became transparent. Not really aware of what had happened, it turned solid too quickly and shrieked as the ice that was caught inside began to freeze it entirely. It suddenly clawed at Avatara, catching his sleeve, he fell to the ground. It was about to dive for the kill when Katerei slashed its neck with a swift blow of her sword. Talos cast a small spell as a dragonwraith dove for Theo. The wraith flew off as a brief jolt lightning shot its underside. Juro threw a small knife at one of the wraith's eyes. The wraith avoided it and attempted to bite Juro with its sharp teeth. Juro stabbed its eye with a sword, which it didn't avoid. It screeched as the sword impaled it and if flew off.

    The power was gathering very swiftly to Selax. Everyone around him had taken an injury by this time and he knew that, while they seemed to be doing well, they could not go on forever. The wraiths were temporarily hurt, but they would never stop. This was confirmed as the group of dragonwraiths-the one that Scryllia and Vashnij had separated-regrouped and flew over the group. All of the warriors fought; swords, arrows, fire, and spells struck the wraiths. Some became intangible, others did not. By the time that the wraith's had completed the first run, everyone in the group had been cut, some bitten. They could not hold out against these creatures much longer. The wraith's turned around to come in again. Scryllia and Vashnij leapt out of nowhere, striking a few of the wraiths. The rest of the group plowed over the two dragons and sent them twirling away.

    Selax had almost all the power prepared now, they were almost out of time. He hoped that this would be fast enough to save them.

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    Just to warn everybody. . .Everyone, but the mages (and even they will be severly weakened), is going to get hurt. I was told to (and I believe that we need to) make the situation more desparate. I am sorry but that is about the best way. If your character does something that you don't like tell me and I'll edit this. This post will pretty much conclude the story. I expect that there will be other posts but this will basically be it. It has been fun and another TS will be started, so stick around! P.S. Half Truth, it is kind of funny (and ironic) what you said about ending the story with a bang. Read the whole thing and you'll get it.

    Suddenly, there was a cry of pain. Everyone looked up just in time to see Vashnij go spinning through the air like a rag doll, a horrible wound in his side. Scryllia roared in fury and lunged at the dragonwraiths responsible, but three others dove at her and she was quickly wounded and pushed back. Three of the other wraiths pursued Vashnij while the rest dove at the platform. As the wraiths were almost to the platform, there was a storm of arrows that forced them to turn noncorporeal. They pulled up and, hissing with fury, dove at the warriors. Two dove straight at Saria. Savara blocked one but was bitten badly; the other would have killed Saria, but she ducked at the last moment, almost avoiding the paw that struck at her. She was sent flying with several broken bones. Medoc and Avatara faced another wraith. By constant attacking, they kept it from being corporeal long enough to hit them, but, suddenly, it drew back and struck the ground, knocking them off of their feet. They both struggled to get up but were nearly flattened by a tail slamming into them. Draconis, Juro, and Katerei were fighting off three wraiths, when another dove into their midst from above, scattering them. Katerei was thrown into several rocks; Juro had nearly avoided the worst of it when claws raked across his back; and Draconis was left facing two wraiths. He was soon wounded and forced out of his dragon form. Talos and Dusk were left to hold them off alone. They did farely well until a blast of cold nearly froze (and thus nearly killed) Dusk. Talos was bitten twice and forced down. The people on the platform (Selax, Theo, Wizard, the moogle, Tej, and Moonshadow) watched helpless and horribly weakened by the unnatural energies; some perhaps scarred forever by the power. With all of the warriors and both dragons down and badly hurt, the dragonwraiths were free to turn their attention to the mages and the battle looked lost.

    Then, the glow stopped increasing and held steady. Selax stood up and opened his eyes. He was glowing so much that he was scarcely visible. The dragonwraiths turned and dove at him with fury.
    "No," he said in a thunderous voice. The platform had enabled him to harness the land's power, which could only be done every 10,000 years. He held out his hands and a yellow glow surrounded the wraiths. They screamed and attempted to break free, without success. The glow suffused them and they began to scream and then to shrivel. In matter of seconds, the wraiths faded away to nothing. Selax wished that he could heal the others, but he'd need all of the power to do what he must do.
    Elementals of Cythera. The time has come to join and fight alongside each other as you once did. There can be no delay! We must act now!

    Back in Mayer, the elementals watched, knowing that they had to act now. After a few moments of communing with his king, the undine nodded. All of the elementals put their hands on the table. The elementals had taken another risk, revealing themselves to Alaric, so that he and Magpie were there as well.
    Selax. We hear and agree. Our power is at your disposal through the platform. Use it well.

    Selax knew what the elementals wanted and what he had to do. So channeling all of the power in one tremendous surge, he threw it at the Death King.

    The Death King watched it coming and debated. This had been one of the possibilities that he had considered. Weakened as he still was, the elementals were weakened as well; therefore, he might be able to overcome this. But he would be left in a bad position when the Cytherans recovered or the elementals came after him, so he'd take a different tack. He let the energy slam into him, but, instead of trying to fight it, he amplified it with his own energy. The power was very unstable and would soon be let loose all at once in a much different way than Selax had planned, but the Death King knew that he would survive. So he laughed. Then his body was destroyed in a terrible explosion that would blow the mountain (and everything on it) to smithereens. . .

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  • Nothing...

    The Wizard suddenly awoke.

    What happened? he questioned himself, trying to recall what had taken place just moments before. Ahh, yes. Now I remember. Selax channeled the shrine's power with the aid of the other elementals. He sent the power at the Death King. Then, the spell went awry. Somehow the Death King had used, manipulated it. "He blew up half of the mountain, destroying his own body," Wizard broke his inner discussion. Since he hadn't meant to speak out-loud, he returned to his mental state. Selax used the last of the power of the shrine to fling us onto the dragons., to relative safety. We have survived, but what has become of him?

    Then, concluding what had happened, Wizard began to look around for the others. He was very tempted to use a great deal of magic and use telekinesis to move himself around, but he had virtually no mana at this point. He was exhausted.

    Directly off hand, he could see that several others were on the dragon that he was. He looked over Vashnij's side and saw Scryllia lying on the ground not far below.

    Wizard sensed that not only had each dragon taken their share of damage in combat with the dragonwraiths but also that they had been dealt a good deal of injuries from huge flying rocks that probably were everywhere when the mountain first blew up.

    Vashnij had landed on a slight rise, but Scryllia was very near. He could easily see that just about everyone on both dragons had waken up. The two dragons themselves were nearing consciousness after the great beating they had taken.

    Where was Selax? Wizard sincerely hoped that his best friend had not come to any harm. Had he any magic, he would search with his spirit, but he was too drained. He must rest, now.

  • Formless...Floating...Sky...
    Must get back! his mind shouted at him and, suddenly, he remembered. He had had just enough time to fling the others away, but he had had no time to get away himself. He had jumped one inch off of the platform before it blew up. (A sad loss, he knew.) However, being made of air, he had survived the explosion, but he had been thrown. Thrown where? With that, Selax reformed and took on shape again. He found himself tumbling through the sky and managed to stop himself. He estimated that he had several wounds left from the explosion and realized that he was to weak to help himself very much. Selax looked below and spotted a small town, which he recognized as Kosha. It occurred to him that the judge must have some healing potions, and he began to drift downwards towards the city.

    Itanos sat at his desk and pondered the news that he had just heard. A new house was ready to rise in place of house Comana. This had been expected for some time, but he still felt a little fearful. He didn't know why and this irritated him.
    Suddenly, the door to his house burst open and man cloaked in black staggered into the room, nearly falling.
    "Itanos! I. . .need your. . .help."
    "Who are you? How do I know that I can trust you?" Itanos demanded, somewhat startled.
    "Cast. . .Ascertainment. Then, you'll be. . .able to tell."
    Itanos cast the spell and then sat back to listen.
    The man said,"There. . .is no time. . .to explain. I am a friend of. . .Alaric, and my friends and I. . .need healing potions."
    Satisified that the man told the truth, Itanos stood, went to a drawer. and pulled out four healing potions.
    "They won't be enough to heal your group completely, but they should help," he said.
    The man nodded his thanks and drank a little of one of the potions. He straightened, his wounds healing, but, although it clearly helped him, he still seemed weak.
    "Thank you, I must go. Goodbye," he said
    He turned and ran outside. Itanos shook his head and sat back down.

    Once, out of town, Selax took to the air again. He had no magic for Directed Nexus at the moment, and he had to hurry. He flew as fast as he was able, knowing that he had to hurry because with the others as hurt as they had been. . .
    Anything could happen.

  • Saria was firing arrow after arrow, doing nothing but wasting her arrows, one after one. She looked to the ground and saw DF lying there, apparently doing better since she had fed him that potion. He was starting to stirr actually, and would awaken soon.


    DF awoke with a strange premonition, but he said nothing of it, instead looking up at Saria and thanking her.
    "The battle is off away from here some" she told him, knowing he could see it, though needing to hear it from herself to believe it
    "Its why ranged attack gets a bit dull at times, things dont always swing at ya, sometimes they swing away" DF said
    "Well, should we pursue?" Saria asked, leaning towards the fight
    "We could, but I dont think we would be too effective, by the time we got anywhere near, the battle would be over as it was" DF told her, a bit dejected that he was KOed before the end was near
    "Well, first things first, lets get off this hill" Saria smiled


    After about 20 mins of walking, running, and falling their way down the mountain, DF and Saria got down the mountain laughing and carrying on. Their spirits, though down from missing out, were bouyed by the joyous adrenaline rush that came from falling down heights and keeping alive.

    As they reached the bottom, DF sensed something dark again, but he couldnt quite place it. He faced the forest at the bottom, and Saria stopped when she saw he wasnt moving...


    Closer...closer Icel prompted them just a little bit more and you will be mine

    "Something is off" DF said "The forest looks more forboding than before"
    "Well, we wont get anywhere without trying" Saria offered "Besides, we cant help them anymore, we should return to a town to see if any of them return. If they dont succeed, we might be able to find out where they left off"
    "A plan, at least" DF answered


    Good, they are entering, my trap is almost complete Icel thought now time to set up....

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  • Avatara moaned and slowly opened his eyes. He was lying facedown in a pile of dirt and rock, the air full of settling dust and debris. The morning sunlight was filtering down through trees above, giving a mystical feeling that somehow life had survived, the world would go on.

    Ignoring the aching pain from his back and shoulders, Avatara managed to push himself up into a sitting position. His vision blurred as he tried to make sense of what was going on around him. From what he could tell, the explosion scattered them about the lower slope of the mountain, the still rising plume of smoke far above a testament to the shattered summit and the events of the night before.

    Off to the side a familiar voice was talking far too cheerfully; Katerei was running around, poking at the group members slow to rise. Savara lay on her back, staring up at the blue sky visible through the sparse foliage. dusk was tending to a nasty scrape Talos suffered. Moonshadow was helping Wizard to his feet, both seemed very weary. Fox and Saria were nowhere to be found, not surprising, Desert Fox also shared the habit of disappearing without preamble. The dragons were flying above, thoughts and emotions swirling in a whirlwind of images and feelings on a level beyond what any of them could hope to begin to describe.

    An hour later, they gathered together in a grassy meadow away from the mountain, the dragons gliding to a rest in front of them. Silver streaks stood out plainly against the obsidian-black scales of Vashnij, a testament to the previous night. Yet, the scars seemed to only enhance his majestic sight as he stood before them, the sun glistening off his scales and the blue-silver of Scyrillia.

    From just standing near them, Avatara could sense they were excited and eager to be off. The enthusiasm was contagious, the group all felt it in some way, with the sole exception of Selax, who refused to show anything of what he felt.

    Scyrillia took a step forward, and after a brief moment of hesitation, bowed her head in respect. Thank you mortals, you have honored your promise. Because of your help I now have a future.

    We will remember your help, and perhaps one day we can be truly freed from our pasts. All of us. Vashnij looked at several members of the group. Avatara met the dragon's gaze for a moment, before turning away and staring at the grass. Katerei jabbed him in the ribs.

    "What's wrong?" she asked, her blue hair dangling in the warm breeze.

    "Its nothing," he looked back up. The rest of the group exchanged goodbyes, some rather awkwardly, with the dragons towering over them.

    "Where will you go now?" Wizard asked, the last to step forward.

    We'll find someplace, it doesn't matter where, only a place where we can be at peace. Scyrillia replied.

    "This place might be dangerous, something tells me others may not find your presence welcome," he warned them with a farewell nod before stepping back.

    "Vashnij," Avatara said softly, the black dragon turned to look at him. "We might be only human, but we too can feel pain, betrayal, helplessness. I think I finally understand now and well...I mean...I'm sorry." Vashnij locked gazes with Avatara for a minute before smiling, in the way only a dragon could. He turned back and launched himself in the air, soaring upwards with his mate. The two dragons, bound together circled overhead before flying upward until they were no longer visible, lost among the sparse white clouds and the shining sun.

    "They're gone." dusk said after a moment, breaking the silence as he limped a few steps forward, favoring his injured knee.

    "Somehow, I have a feeling we'll see them again, someday," Medoc replied. The moogle nodded its agreement.

    "I guess....we should head back to the tavern then," Talos said, somewhat uncertainly.

    "Maybe not just yet," Katerei lay down and stretched out on the grass, gazing upward. "Its a nice day, why not enjoy it a little more?"

    "You're just lazy, some of us have things we could be doing!" someone complained, Avatara tuned them out, he noticed Joru and Draconis talking gloomily off to the side.

    "What's wrong?" Avatara leaned against the trunk of a nearby tree. Joru looked at him, but said nothing.

    "He's worried about Talryn, something happened to him, he's not acting like himself," Draconis spoke for him. "Talryn is with the Death King now, I fear for what he has become."

    Avatara looked downward, "I'm sorry about that, but who knows? It may yet turn out well." After all, the dragons had suffered greatly for years, and yet they managed to find some shard of hope to cling onto for the future. What had happened before was in the past, it was up to them to live in the present and create their own futures.

    He walked back to join the rest of the group as clouds slowly gathered above, threatening to cover the glade in shadows. Something at the back of his mind nagged at him with a growing feeling of worry, as if to indicate there were more trials to come. But, those could wait for another day.

    For now, all that mattered is that they were alive.

  • This story continues in the next installment, Shadow Games.

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