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  • Is there a way to print out a printer friendly version of a topic?

    -Dark Jet

  • Best solution appears to be the "Lo-Fi Version" link at the bottom of each page. On that page, there's a link to a "Printer-Friendly" version, but that appears to be just a link back to the main site. The Lo-Fi Version is simple enough to work, I think.

  • I think that the easiest way would be to goto the 'Options' tab, press 'Download / Print this topic' and download the topic for word or something like that are print it that way, don't know if it gives good print or not but its worth a try.

  • Ah, yep. Options - > Download / Print this Topic -> Printer-Friendly version should do you. Most browsers won't print that annoying background either, but in Safari, you can check by going to the Print menu, under the "Safari" settings tab.

  • How about copying and pasting..... That would be my first guess.

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