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  • Tavara and the Seldane

    Hey I've recently gone through another one of my cythera phases where i'll play the game constantly for a few days and then leave it sitting on my desktop for a few years gathering dust.

    Before I leave abandon it again I just had one final question to ask, one that has been bugging me for quite a long time.

    Just what connection is there (if any) between Tavara and the Seldane? I know everyone knows about his involvement with the Undine and the destruction of Abydos and so on, but why is it that when Ur Sylph speaks about Tavara he mentions him taking revenge on the Seldane who apparently manipulated him at some point in the past?

    "We know how that traitor attempted to subvert the humans, worshipping false gods.
    That one still thinks that he might some day have revenge on Seldane who used him as a puppet.
    Instead, he just sits in his mountain strongholds, awaiting a death that will never truly come.
    We know what transpires. We know about betrayers."

    Is this just a typo or is there something i'm missing?

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  • I think it is supposed to be Undine, but Tavara is kind of crazy—he might think the Seldane manipulated him (and maybe they did in some way).

  • Apparently the Tavara story was slated to be explored in more depth in Cythera 2, which as yet hasn't eventuated. We can only hope. :rolleyes:

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