Man Down!

  • x2 actually.

    Desert Fox sent me a pm sometime last week saying that his computer died (thanks to a faulty RoC disk) and he's unable to get online nearly as often as he used to. He should have his own new computer in a couple months, and until then, intends to steal access via his roommates' stuff.

    My hard drive locked up and lands itself in a loop, meaning I can't start up. I can only get online if I use the computer lab, and I'm not prone to logging into public computers for massive posting - the setup here is rather...well...ugly. I'll be (hopefully) in contact with Apple soon in an attempt to fix the problem, but I'm essentially down until further notice.

    Such a wonderful day.

  • hmmm.....doesn't sound all that good.....not good at all.

  • Somebody please remind Sfiera/Pallas that he owes me a TS post. And you can't just tell him once, you have to keep telling him about every five minutes, or he'll forget.

    The R's can be put off for a while though.

  • No need, he did it.

  • Update in the war on errors:

    Applecare arrived today with a handy TechTool CD which claims my hardware is fine. I was happy that it actually found my harddrive (and that I could boot off of it), after some of the trouble earlier people were suggesting that my hard drive was gone and I'd be screwed regarding the information on it. :p

    Of course, the world isn't perfect, and there's no Walgreens on campus, so I've still got some system issues. Activity monitor reports that my CPU usage is around 5% and my memory usage is around 25%, yet the finder, system preferences, the SystemUIServer and virtually any application I attempt to run keep freezing up and respond maybe once every ten minutes. Hopefully my system restore disk and Diskwarrior will arrive tomorrow and I can stumble through that aspect.

    At least things are looking up.

  • Er, a restart seems to have cleared most of the issues up - at least, it hasn't hanged in the half an hour I've been using it. Still skeptical about its stability, but it looks like my computer will pull through and I can be back to wasting my life away online fairly soon.

  • Then again, my hard drive could have a hardware defect that's spawning bad blocks faster than they can be corralled off and thwarting Apple's repair software, so I might need to mail it in after all. Activity over the next few weeks...probably rare.

    Av, currently in Light-App™ mode.

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