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    Selax, on Oct 6 2004, 07:32 PM, said:

    Thanks to all who helped make this possible!
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    Yes! Thank you Selax and others!

  • I have located all three of the archives (Best of Cythera, Best of Just Chat, or Best of Escape Velocity) at this location.
    To view the Cythera ones in HTML it is this.

    The layout might be confusing.

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  • Damn. Now I have to write a script to store all of this information to a local database.

  • Alright, here's a file to use. Doesn't have the correct name of the first poster, or the subject, but I have real work to do :)

    This should be run with the following SQL commands:

    CREATE DATABASE archive;
    CREATE TABLE archive.posts (
    topic VARCHAR(6) NOT NULL,
    post INT NOT NULL,
    author VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    content TEXT NOT NULL

    mysql < archive.sql

    Unfortunately, I've been getting max_allowed_packet errors, and mysqladmin --max_allowed_packet=4M should fix this, but it doesn't. I could conceivably work around this by splitting up the file, but I don't have the time to bother right now.

  • Well, here are the topics that have been suggested as candidates to be archived: Retirement,
    Echoes from the Past, and The Sorcery Tower.
    Would anyone care voice an opinion?

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