Where are all the Sapphire books of knowledge?

  • I Have 3, where are the rest?


    Hey guys, I just made my account!java script:emoticon(':laugh:')! Ironically, I've been playing Cythera since I was 8... The game rules! K, to the topic. I just installed it on my G3 Beige PowerMac, n I need help with the Sapphire books of wisdome. I already have 3, and I was wondering... Can u guys tell me where the rest are? I forgot.....java script:emoticon(':unsure:')

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    P.S.: Please?

    Sincerily, powdered-toastman

    AKA: Sapphire

    Ironic, huh?

  • I would suggest checking Slayer's Guide to Cythera. I think this question is answered there.

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